Weiner to Ginger Lee: “My Package and I are Not Going to Beg” [50 Tumblr Photos]

Last week, we showed you pics of Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner, porn star Ginger Lee along with the funniest headlines about Weiner’s scandal. Today, the adult film actress held a press conference in which her lawyer revealed that the sexting was all one way, stating the congressman sent emails that included these classic quotes:

“Alright, my package and I are not going to beg. We both see the hazard of going down the path of comparative sexiness”
“You aren’t giving my package due credit.”
“I have wardrobe demands too. I need to highlight my package”

She’s also apparently an aspiring real estate agent. Is real estate like the ultimate fall back manuever? It seems when everyone’s kind of given up on their dream, they sell houses. Fair enough. Anyway, the next move for Weiner shouldn’t be real estate; dude needs to get into porn asap. Check out Ginger’s hottest Tumblr photos below.




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