8 Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Won’t Completely Hate

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While most of us dread becoming a father, you can imagine what ACTUAL fathers feel like having to deal with promiscuous daughters and sons who are either nerds, dumbasses, or convicts-in-training. Most kids put absolutely ZERO thought into a gift for dad since they figure Papa Dukes doesn’t give a sh*t (because he know YOU don’t give a sh*t). Well, now’s your chance to prove Dad wrong by getting him some stuff that he might actually like AND use. Check out our top gift suggestions for the old man below.

Monster CleanTouch Pen

Your LCD touch-screens get dirty, so why should your Dad’s smart phone be excluded? Rub the nub of the TSA-compliant travel sized bottle over the screen to spread the love. Wait a few seconds and then wipe it free of junk with the side-mounted anti-microbial cloth. Not only do fingerprints get lifted; they’re resisted against, even as dirt and smudges get the heave-ho.


Cadence 4-Bit Chronograph Watch

Improve Dad’s geek cred every time he glances at his wrist. No numbers to read; they’ve been replaced with 4-bit binary code. The nod to the analog past comes from the stainless steel case, scratch-resistant glass face and luminescent watch hands.


iPad Extreme Sleeve

Protect Dad’s iPad (or similarly sized tablet) so it’ll lasts as long as he will by encasing it in this deceptively lightweight, flexible pouch. As in it going all rigid when struck, absorbing the shock and keeping all the bits inside from flying to the Moon. Check out the company demo — they drop a bowling ball on it! How’s that for truth in advertising?

MSRP: $59.95


Short of never asking Dad for money again, the next best way to let him smack out some stress is this little gel guy. Turn the volume knob up to max and start the beat-down as voices emerge in response. Need more noise? Download voices and pop them in or use RG like a controller with smash-type games online. Get the chrome model — it looks like a hub cap.


Griffin CarTrip

What Dad wouldn’t get off knowing intimate details on how the car is doing? Just plug the CarTrip’s monitor into the car’s OBD-II port to record and report on what the car’s brain is working on — then check out the results on the free iPhone app that’s the recipient of all this diagnostic goodness.


Swann Home Wireless Alarm System

Dad can protect his man-cave against intrusion from Navy Seals or more mundane threats with a security system that connects wirelessly. Two window and door sensors are matched by two motion detector sensors, with the whole kibosh syncing to a 110 decibels siren that sounds off when needed (ouch!). No fees to pay and two keypads to control it all.

MSRP: $129.00

Sensolutions SensoGlove

Give Dad a digital boost each time he swings, thanks to sensors in this golf glove analyzing his grip. The built-in LED monitor (sweat proof, by the way) gauges the pressure of the swing and provides real-time audio and visual feedback — 80 times a second. You even get scolded on which fingers are gripping the club too tightly.


Griffin Beacon

Finally Dad can hold onto the remote — because it’s his iPhone synced with a “smart” multi-touch app, a battery powered receiver and 200,000+ codes waiting to be called on. Of course it uses online interactivity too. Nothing to shove on the ‘phone either – – it’s Bluetooth wireless all the way.


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