The World’s Weirdest, Most WTF Bars

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When you first go to a bar (usually when you’re 18), you find it hard to compose yourself. You’re drinking with the big boys now. But once you’re actually of legal age, you’ve already hit up the same bars so many times, you begin to get bored with the whole experience. Well, you need to broaden your horizons, my friend. We’ve compiled a list of the world’s most WTF bars that should pump new life into your uninspired liver. Check it out below.

Red Sea Star Underwater Bar

This is your chance to bump into that first cartoon crush you had, Ariel the mermaid. Located in Eilat, Israel, the Red Sea Star Bar gives you panoramic views of the ocean and seats 105 people. Also, you’ll have a chance to see and interact with your meal before it’s killed and served to you!

The Skeleton Bar

H. R. Giger was a designer on the set of the Alien movies; so you know if he were to design a bar, it would be made completely out of skeletons. The bar is located in the Château St. Germain, Gruye`res, Switzerland, and even features a section with just children’s skulls. If you want to feel like you are inside of the Alien movie, you should come here.

Hobbit House Bar

I am being haunted by little people. This bar is actually filled with rescued dwarfs (who were probably indentured servants to Snow White) and all work at this bar now in Manila, located in the Philippines. They may be little but they have a lot of love which they serve up in martinis and wine glasses. Say hi to Sleepy for me if you visit.

Absolut Icebar

You will never be served a warm drink here because the entire bar is made out of clear ice. If you happen to be wandering around Stockholm, Sweden, and find yourself dying for a drink, this will probably be the coolest bar you’d find in town. There are many other ice bars opening up around the world, including one I’ve visited in Vegas. Make sure you bring a parka and gloves (the cups are made out of ice, too.)

Clinic Bar

This is probably the world’s most wheelchair friendly bar since most of the seating is indeed, on wheelchairs. In Clarke Quay, Singapore, if you’re feeling faint and like you need to lie down, don’t’ fret, there’s the Clinic Bar which can swoop you up in one of its wheelchair seats and roll you down to a faux-hospital bed where you can dine on burgers and beer. And who said hospitals were scary?

The Baobab Tree Bar

If you feel like hanging out in a HUGE ASS TREE which serves up liquor, then you will want to venture out to Limpopo, South Africa. The bar has a ventilation system so you won’t be suffocating while downing your drink. The tree is about 6,000 years old which would officially make it the oldest living organism on the planet!

Vampire Cafe

Leave it to the Japanese who sell panties in outdoor vending machines to come up with a café paying homage to vampires. In Ginza, Tokyo, you can ring your bell, which comes on every table, and order yourself a nice, bloody cocktail. Heavy on the blood. I hope you can read Kanji, because that’s what most of the menu items are written in.

Sky Bar (also see, Vertigo Bar)

I don’t recommend this bar if you have a fear of heights. The Sirocco Sky Bar is the world’s largest open-air restaurant and bar which is located on the 64th floor of the State Tower in Bangkok, Thailand. After you’re done abusing their human trafficking, unwind on top of the world and have a glass of champagne. We’re pretty sure this was the place featured in The Hangover Part II.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar

This bar which really looks like a shack about to topple over, and most likely built by local 3 year olds, is destined off the south coast of Jamaica in Parottee Bay. You might have to bring a life jacket in case you get incredibly drunk and come smashing through the floor bar straight into the ocean. Bring your flippers too so you can stare your lobster straight into the eyes before you harpoon him for dinner.

Floating Bar

The Bight, off of Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands has a very unique floating bar. There is something more awesome than being on a floating bar and that would be the loads of NAKED PEOPLE who have no issue stripping down and jumping off into the water with their beverages in hand. Have no fear if you feel like you’re floating away, the bar is anchored.

Coffin Bar

This is either a sister venue of the Vampire Bar in Tokyo or a new, scary trend. Introducing Coffin Bar, in Ukraine, and built by undertakers. There’s nothing too impressive about the bar; it is just in the shape of a coffin, has interior black lining to block out sunlight and is surrounded by different caskets on the inside. Their website isn’t working, well, because they’re probably dead.

Alux Lounge

There is more to Mexico than just the donkey shows and Tijuana hookers; they have really beautiful caverns, one of which is the only one, of two cavern bars in the entire world. They say if you stay long enough you’ll see “little people” from the ancient Mayan times walking through the caves. Personally, I think it’s the peyote you’re on.

Cave Bar

If you feel like pulling a Mission Impossible stunt, make sure to come to Cova d’en Xoroi. This bar is physically off the edge of a cliff in Cala n’Porter, Menorca. If your loved one happens to break up with you in this destination at least you’d have a good place to jump. But, before you jump, please reconsider as the cave turns into a dance club!

Faraday Bar

You must be really, really lost if you ended up in this bar, because it is in Antarctica. Researchers decided it was really cold and lonely there so they decided to build the only bar possibly on the entire continent. Getting drunk is no fun unless you’re getting drunk with a penguin. I would give you an exact location for the bar, but just keep walking until you see the only building in sight. Order the Vodka, everything else is frozen.

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