Best Sites To Legally Stream Movies / TV Shows for Free

It’s been a long day and all you want to do is watch a movie or some television. But you don’t want to pay that much for a movie ticket and the only thing on TV is reruns of Two and a Half Men. It’d be great if you had some on-demand service, but you’re too cheap for that. Well, good news, Mr. Cheap. There are some websites online where you can watch movies/TV shows for free without the feds busting down your door. COED has got your back with a list of great places online to watch movies/TV for free.

If you’ve somehow never heard of this amazing site, this is probably your first time using the internet (we’ve obviously done a good job of making our site available). For the past few years, Hulu has become the prime site for free streaming content powered by ads. Hulu has a large library of movies and TV shows from studios like FOX, NBC and Disney. In addition, the site also features the latest episodes of popular shows like Family Guy and The Office. So if you’re looking to catch up on the latest shows that everybody will be talking about, Hulu is the spot to go.

Also, just about every show on the site is available in HD as well. And if you’re not a complete cheap skate you can spend a few bucks for a Hulu Plus membership, eliminating ads, making the site available on several devices and allowing access to complete TV seasons and more movies (including the Criterion collection). It should also be worth noting that Hulu boasts original web content as they were the first to feature the cult-hit, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog.

Originally known as “Grouper”, Crackle has a similar setup to Hulu with the exception of being owned by Sony. The site mainly features everything from the Sony library such as Ghostbusters and Jackie Chan Adventures. The downside to this is that other streaming sites have the rights to a lot of their content already.

However, Crackle also has a host of original web series like Trenches and The Bannen Way which have gone on to set records for online viewership. So if you’re looking for more original web TV shows then you’ll find anywhere else, Crackle is the site for you.

The key viral site for cat videos and stupid songs about ‘Friday’ actually has legal streaming content. Studios like Lionsgate, MGM and CBS have made several of their classic titles available to watch for free on YouTube. Some of the content is free to view with ads while others are available as rentals. This move was because the site had come under fire numerous times for users ignoring the rules and posting copyrighted content on the site. Viacom then lashed out violently with lawsuits against Youtube for millions of dollars. Since then, YouTube has taken more precautions to prevent copyrighted material from being uploaded.

In comparison to other streaming sites, the amount of free streaming content in minimal, but the potential is there for more studios to join. And with YouTube being one of the most popular sites in general, it would only make sense for other studios to take notice and host more content.

Yes, an internet library actually exists. The non-profit site known as the Internet Archive hosts a vast collection of public domain movies freely available to download. This includes such classics as Night of the Living Dead, Plan 9 from Outer Space and Nosferatu. You’ll also find a wide variety of campy educational films and commercials. This may not seem like much, but considering this is the only website where you can legally download movies for free, I wouldn’t be complaining.

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    2. tommy says:

      Also may want to check out & for free & legal ad supported movies

    3. Seppo says:

      Check out also for over 1000 online TV shows legally available in Canada or USA.

    4. Ashlee says:

      A Hulu Plus membership does not get rid of ads, only allows earlier access to select shows.

    5. Jenn says:

      Megaupload is also good. Whatever I can't find on hulu, I can usually find on

    6. irene says: Here is the Mother of entertainment websites I have ever come across

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    9. Anna says:

      You might check also wiibeez Movies search engine:
      A cool way for finding all rare movies.

    10. James says:

      There is a new site called You make a legal back up copy of your DVD and upload it to the site. You can then view it anytime you want or invite your friends to join and they can watch it too. No downloading (as that would be illegal!).

    11. nope says: – here is website where u can earn gifts while watching tv shows

    12. susan blacker says:

      i recommend also this site for links

    13. meech says:

      Anybody know any site I can watch the old TV show on like THREE'S COMPANY!!

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