94 Maids That Would Tempt The Terminator [PHOTOS]

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What is wrong with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Doesn’t he know that if you are going to be cheating on your wife (esp. when you are working for the government) you should not dip your pen in the company ink by boinking the family maid? How about the fact that a man with that much fame chose to mess around with a woman three steps above a velociraptor? The bottom line is that Gov. Arnold is a complete moron. He is not halfway moronic, he is the whole kit and caboodle when it comes to being an idiot. I mean, he was in Terminator. He had to have had options for infidelity. How lazy can you  be to settle for the next person to walk across the living room? If he had to cheat, and we all know he was going to, at least he should have made a better choice. Lucky for him, I have selected a list of some of the hottest maids my eyes have ever seen for him to choose from next time. I hope you enjoy.

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