Rhianna’s S & M Video Too Hot for Daytime TV [Video & Photos]

Rihanna’s video for “S&M” has taken another hit from British media watchdogs after already having been renamed “Come On” because of its’ racy content. The video which features a scantily clad Rihanna partaking in various light sexual acts is now too racy for daytime television. After being aired during a morning slot on WTF TV, a viewer sent in a complaint. The video is now ruled as “clearly and repeatedly focused on sex, bondage and sadomasochistic sexual practices as a theme” and that it “could have potentially dangerous consequences if imitated by children.”┬áRiRi is not taking this lightly and recently has been fighting the British censors. It does seem pretty ridiculous to us that the same country which features a fully nude woman in one of their largest newspapers has an issue with Rihanna having fun in a music video. Come on, check out the video for yourself and see what you think.

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