How The List Was Produced

SO how did we come up with this list? Simple. Our editors came up with a massive list of over 200 female actresses, politicians, singers and public figures. On June 2nd we searched each name in quotes with safe search off in Google. Marked down the number of results and wham the list was produced.

Here are 10 women who barely missed the cut:

Christina Hendricks – 49,300,000
Cameron Diaz – 47,300,000
Amy Winehouse – 46,600,000
Eva Longoria – 45,000,000
Halle Berry – 44,700,000
Nicole Kidman – 40,100,000
Anne Hathaway – 39,900,000
Khloe Kardashian – 38,700,000
Sandra Bullock – 38,200,000
Reese Witherspoon – 37,600,000

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