Colossal Cleavage Collection: Jenn Sterger Edition

There’s a lot of buzz circulating about Jenn Sterger‘s scheduled interview with ABC’s Good Morning America about the Brett Favre scandal. We’re kind of surprised at the amount of attention her appearance is getting. So far, all we know is she’s stated, “I haven’t made a dime“, “I am not a gold digger” and “I just want my life back“. Some would argue her actions say otherwise. She initially gained fame when Brent Musberger picked her out of a crowd at a FSU football telecast for sporting a tight, low cut shirt and cowboy hat. She went on to pose for Playboy then got a gig as a sideline reporter for the Jets. That’s when she met the Indecisive One Brett Favre and his “goal post” via text message. She didn’t reveal this until she told Deadspin in February 2010. Part of us thinks it was a ploy to keep her career going. Why else would you wait 2 years? Anyway, since she had her implants removed, we travel back to the good ol’ days when she was just a face in the crowd with this collection of colossal cleavage shots.

PS – Brett should really look into using these guys next time he wants to send d*ck pics.

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    2. DJstrongisland says:

      I would rather just look at pics of her. These guys got it right… http://nationalskirtday.com/2011/04/12/who%E2%80%

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