James Franco & Danny McBride Light Up the ‘Your Highness’ World Premiere at UCSB [50 PHOTOS]

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Each week for the past month, we’ve been encouraging you guys to demand the world premiere of “Your Highness” at your campus. We gave you a glimpse of what the after-party might look like but, alas, only 1 school got the royal treatment: the University of California, Santa Barbara (aka “UCSB“). We could rub it in your faces, but we’re givers not haters, so here’s a gallery of pics from the red carpet at UCSB’s world premiere featuring stars Danny McBride, James Franco, scorching hot cheerleaders, sexy sirens draped in white togas, a Brian Wilson lookalike, and a well endowed NSFW minotaur. “Your Highness” will hit theaters this Friday, April 8th!

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