Alexandra Wallace: Racist UCLA Student’s Bikini Photos Revealed [26 PICS]

Meet Alexandra Wallace. She attends UCLA and has a beef with Asians. Instead of keeping it to herself or going to a therapist to work out her issues she used her college education to post a rant video on YouTube. Word on the street is Asian gangs now have a hit out on her. Oh boy. We all say things that we regret, but this could haunt her for the rest of her life. Turns out Allie’s also a bikini model. Since her ModelMayhem, Facebook, Twitter, and every other page affiliated with her has been pulled down, we managed to scoop up a library’s worth of her modeling photos. How should UCLA handle this? Can YOU handle this?

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    1. […] this? Check out these: Alexandra Wallace: Racist UCLA Student’s Bikini Photos Revealed 76 Pics Of Sexy Jewels For Jewel Day Wolf Down On Little Red Riding Hood’s Amanda Seyfried [13 […]

    2. C.FLO says:

      peep the remix >>

    3. […] Alexandra Wallace: Racist UCLA Student’s Bikini Photos Revealed [26 PICS] ( […]

    4. […] worth of her modeling photos. How should UCLA handle this? Can YOU handle this? Via: Alexandra Wallace: Racist UCLA Student’s Bikini Photos Revealed [26 PICS] (COED Magazine » […]

    5. alekze says:

      coed staff please add this video as a video response to the UCLA rant. Its hilarious.

    6. peter says:

      so tits are directly related to racism, huh? maybe those sites were pulled down cause she didn't want those pictures up anymore, assholes.

      1. sazz says:

        Yeah, she didn't want them up because of her ridiculous racist rant…it's pretty obvious. She doesn't want people finding ways to contact her because she's a fucking cunt and people are gonna let her know. That's why she took everything down.

      2. pete says:


      3. kgg says:

        Errrrrr…she posted these pics on her own ModelMayhem site.

    7. Matt says:

      Alexandra Wallace; hates on others, so it must be alright to hate on her. Hate On Alexandra Wallace Day.

      Warning to Guys; Alexandra Wallace takes your money then lies the sex wasn't consensual. Do Not Date Her.

    8. Joe says:

      I think she is a very pretty girl.

      1. chris says:

        eh..dime a dozen. i dont think she's naturally pretty. you should see her with no make up on…eeeessshhhh. what a man.

    9. […] Alexandra Wallace: Racist UCLA Student’s Bikini Photos Revealed [26 PICS] : COED Magazine I'm korean, and I'm sorry but I have to agree with her. Some FOB's have NO manners. […]

    10. jackie says:

      that is clearly not her.. or those photos have been MAD photo shopped!!! bitch is hideous and wears 10000 pounds of make up and she is fat.

      1. blah blah says:

        LMAOOO this made me laugh really hard. but i totally agree that those pictures must have been photoshopped.

    11. slut says:

      we as ucla students are gonna make her cry…i will upload the crying video soon

    12. Guest says:

      How did someone such as this ever get into UCLA?

      I see that she has issued somewhat of an apology, but it was to UCLA. She needs to apologize to Asians, the Japanese in particular.

      What a stupid, ignorant, insensitive person. People nowadays complain about being politically correct, but somethings do require you to be politically correct. The Japanese disaster is such a case.

    13. Kick Start says:

      Keeping bitches like Alexandra in check:

    14. Coco says:

      Uhh.. did she miss the memo that the string part of the bikini is supposed to go UNDER your boobs?

      1. Guest says:

        What boobs?
        She must have been wearing one hell of a push-up bra in that rant video.

    15. LikeABoss says:

      Check these t-shirts out for the tsunami relief fund

    16. michelle says:

      clearly she gained MORE than the freshman 15. oink oink!

    17. […] latest I read was that there are Asian gangs who have put a hit out on this girl. Really?! Putting aside the fact that I doubt the validity of this report, if it is true….Is this […]

    18. MAD JEWESS says:

      Shes not fat, she is opinionated. This is America, if ya all dont like the free speech, MOVE.
      The only thing with her 'rant', is that is was done at a terrible time…
      She should check herself if she is going to end up in mags for dirty old men…

      Meawhile, this is what I think of her 'class':
      She's a ditsy blonde moron who can't even speak proper English, let alone wear decent clothes…& She is lecturing on manners with her ta ta's hanging in her redbull.


      1. eNZO says:

        "She lecturing on manners with her ta ta's…"

        Funniest quote I heard so far!

      2. Irvine mom says:

        This IS America, that's why we can completely disagree with Allie Wallace and make fun of her and hate her and what she said and we don't have to move. Even little children learn we have to be accountable for our actions and there may be severe repercussions for your actions even if you apologize and even if you learned from your mistake. btw, her apology only went out to UCLA, not the entire public.

      3. cupid says:

        i pressed the wrong button and it wont let me vote again but i agree with u

      4. Prof says:

        On the other hand, it is apparent that you don't have an understanding of English.

        Try to use apostrophes for contractions and not with plural nouns. Don't capitalize a word that follows an ampersand. Refrain from using ellipses; you clearly have little understanding of what those neat dots mean.

        This last comment has nothing to do with your elementary knowledge of English, but don't throw around the "if ya all dont like free speech, MOVE" excuse. It shows your lack of complex thought and dependence on generalizations.

        To summarize, I suggest that you read and listen before forming arguments in the future. One gains intelligence from learning and wisdom through experience.

      5. Irvine mom says:

        Thank you, Prof. Wish there were more people like you offering thoughts and opinions to the internet masses.

      6. jack hoff says:

        HAHAHA PWNED, good shit mang

    19. MAD JEWESS says:


      When I was young, I got beat up by 3 black girls with sticks for NOTHING.
      They never apologized and life went on.
      What a bunch of little pansy asses you kids are now.

      1. lmao says:

        mad jew?
        sorry that happened to you. even though the incident was yrs ago it sounds like, based off your post, it still has a profound effect on you. kind of like the type of profound effect an 8.9 quake and tsunami would have on you if loved ones experienced it. wallace had zero compassion toward concerned individuals in this case. i dont know you and i feel compassion towards you and the fact that you were beat w sticks. i am sure you were able to call loved ones to help you when the incident happened and you werent publically picked apart and made fun of.
        you should seek counseling to heal the pain of something that still effects you and its unfortunate the ‘black girls’ cant pay for that.

      2. MAD JEWESS says:

        lmao—great name, btw.

        In the 1980's and early 90's, I helped minorites that were Mexican and black get employment.
        Say something about blacks and you be a racisssss, say something about the illegal occupying CRIMINAL INVADERS and you is a xenophobe/bigot, say you are mad over Chiese or Asians unable to assimilate and you are a white bimbo…

        Wake up sheeple.
        White people are now the JEW.

      3. cupid says:

        wow are you serious?..
        im sorry to hear that you have gotten jumped by three black girls with sticks… when you were little…
        i hope karma had catched up to them. u didnt deserve that… i understand and cause i went throught what you went through but not with sticks but by fist/rings and it was my own race. they didnt apologize. ofc. im still mad but im sure as hell they feel ugly as f*** for messin with a kid. but you cant compare your situation with her situation. she said what she said and people responded. simple as that.

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