The Top City For Online Flirting & Dating Is… Plus 112 Photos Of Its Hottest Models

Photo by Luc Beziat, Cultura

Tired of being blocked or reported rejected on Facebook when flirting with your hotter friends? Two things, buddy: you’re on the wrong social network and, on that note, the wrong country! So where does one get some serious online tail? Hit the jump to find out!

The “World Flirtation League,” the international flirtation authority that ranks various cities worldwide based on the number of monthly online flirtations among users on the social networking site, officially declared that Athens, Greece leads the pack among its global brethren with 25.7 online flirtations occurring each month.

According to the author of The Lonely Planet Encounter Guide to Athens, Victoria Kyriakopolous, it really comes as no surprise that Athens holds this prestigious honor – in fact, it’s in their very nature. “Athenians love to party and they love to talk,” she said. “Flirting and sexual banter are not just a means to an end but part of social interaction.”

Technical jargon aside, that means stop wasting time with our American compatriots online and hit up the flirty folks of Athens.

Simon Hardy, British academic and author of The Greeks, Eroticism and Ourselves said that when it comes to the delicate art of flirting, the Greeks have thousands of years of practice under their belts, “It is probably fair to say that the Athenians perfected the art of flirtation in ancient times, especially at the time of symposia described by Plato.”

For those of you who may not know, symposia were akin to frat parties, replete with drinking, beautiful women and good fun had by all… until one throws up on their own sandals or philosophical treatise, whichever comes first.

Here are the top 10 cities for online flirting/dating:

1. Athens, Greece
2. Moscow, Russia
3. Kuwait City, Kuwait
4. Baku, Azerbaijan
5. Tunis, Tunisia
6. Kiev, Ukraine
7. Beirut, Lebanon
8(t). Turin, Italy
8(t). Rome, Italy
10. Bari, Italy

We decided to show you just who you could be flirting with online in Athens. Here’s a photo gallery of Athens’ top models. Opa!

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