Laura Michelle Prestin’s 90 Sexiest TwitPics Revealed

Laura Michelle Prestin is one of those models you’ve probably seen everywhere (she has been featured as Extra Mustard Hot Clicks’s “Lovely Lady of the Day” and BarstoolSport’s “Wake Up With” babe) but isn’t quite a household name yet. We’re going to try to change that today. Laura has been uploading TwitPics to her 7,000 followers for nearly two years and her archive is over 250 deep! So, we pushed aside the puppy pics (sorry, Laura, we actually love dogs!) to unearth some real gems. On top of giving you eye candy, we’re determined to increase her Twitter following over 10,000! Do your part, follow her @MissPrestin then check out her official website, Facebook, MySpace, and ModelMayhem. If we’re lucky she might just tweet us a few exclusive photos to thank everyone.

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    1. Skip says:

      What a skank she is worse then the asian chick TilaTequila

      1. angelo ventura says:

        Angelo Ventura; Miss Prestin is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Very hot, sexy, sophistocated too. A real cover girl, and good candidate for national level commercials.

      2. JamesFranco says:

        Lets see a picture of your girlfriend :)

    2. Max says:

      atleast she is 100x hotter


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    5. Jon says:

      Trampy and fake.

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    7. saintmica says:

      Effing disgusting.

    8. Ganda Manah says:

      Enter text right here!

    9. Ganda Manah says:

      I want to see directly in a room

    10. felix mark says:

      She's strong for anal sex.

      1. write says:

        i know that, she's good in squad…

    11. Steve - Seton Hall says:

      How could you talk shit about this girl? She is awesome!

    12. madblackscientist says:

      love her

    13. JamesFranco says:

      People are seriously stupid. She's a FITNESS MODEL she's supposed to show off her body. She worked hard for it so why hate. So she has fake boobs just because she has fake boobs doesn't mean she didn't work hard to get a rocking body. People are such haters

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