T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes Bikini Pics [33 PHOTOS]

Last month, Carly caught our eye in T-Mobile’s new 4G commercial that plays off the popular PC vs. Mac spots starring Justin Long. Since then we’ve “revealed” a couple other hot chicks from commercials like Melissa Molinaro, Tabitha Taylor, Micaela Johnson, and Sabina Gadecki. Well, it appears you guys just can’t get enough of Carly, so we’ve uncovered dozens of new photos of her sporting a bikini. Can we just skip Spring and get straight to Summer?

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    1. […] this? Check out these: T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes Bikini Pics [33 PHOTOS] Miss COED: Jillian Jordan [18 PICS] Teresa Palmer Is Number One, We Want To Take Her Home Tonight […]

    2. […] Much better than the Verizon ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ dude: T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes Bikini Pics. […]

    3. […] T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes Bikini Pics [COED] […]

    4. Daniel says:

      carly is a very beautiful,sexy erotic babe!!!! for being a petite,lady carly has very beautiful legs!! I bet Ms. Carly already has,a man in her life an,damn her man is one lucky guy.

      1. laon says:

        i love carly everytime i see that t-moble girl i stop doing everything to watch her. she could sell me anything

    5. […] of commercials, the biggest loss will be the end of Carly Foulkes as the T-mobile girl. Carly Foulkes, a Ralph Lauren model, stepped in to the role one held by […]

    6. @SPIC_GER says:

      Bet the fat, ugly, baboon-faced, black girls just hate her.

      Now, she has a great butt. Not like those lard ass, jiggly, cottage-cheese filled balloons that blacks and Latinas have.

      Only blacks and Latino drug dealers like those big butts.

      1. gaby says:

        @SP ok, first of all I think you are female so I don't know why you are speaking for all the men out there. 2ndly, america's majority are whites, blacks and latinas/latinos. Since you mentioned Black & Laitnas that only leaves mostly whites. So are you saying that mostly white people don;t like big butts? Well I know a lot of white guys who like big butts but not that BIG but not like the butt that Carly has it is quite small. She looks geeky maybe that is why they got her on T-Mobile because it is about technology. They just packaged her differently instead of glasses etc.

      2. Hard Warrior says:

        ONLY fat pasty flat ass white women say such racist stupid shit. You can bet that man if you have one, lust after blak women.

      3. John Holmes says:

        Only some fat flat butt white women would make such a stupid racist comment. Show your ignorance and red neck traiker trash. Try getting in shape and maybe a white guy will pay attention to you. If you are a man, you are clearly some dork who was turned down by a black woman. Too bad, jjst stay in the basment and date your mom, she's the only whore to want you.

    7. lol says:

      lol, there's some pathetic dudes on here…

    8. Jibjab says:

      Carly should try to avoid from smiling – bitch is broke as hell

    9. BobKasinkerdoink says:

      she really is not that hott…

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    11. Used Sneakers says:

      She is really cute and all, but does anyone notice that when she walks, her upper arms seem to be attached to her body…

    12. Joeseph Smith says:

      She is so damn beautiful its a shame. Ever notice the gap she has between her legs? this girl could handle any man, and I am saying that in a nice way. Damn, CARLY you are fine

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