The Girls “Behind” The AssCam Video Revealed [200 Photos]

The “Rear View Girls” aka: Reanin Johannink and Jessie Gurunathan are two New Zealand models. They’ve attached cameras to their butts to catch dudes staring at them while out and about in L.A. Funny part about this video is you see just as many women gawking as you do men. The video’s slowly gaining popularity on YouTube since being uploaded 2 days ago. The duo plan to try the stunt in other cities in addition to publishing a “behind the scenes” clip to show other women how to pull it off. A lot of viewers are skeptical about the clip’s legitimacy – beliving it’s most likely a viral marketing stunt, which I vehemently agree with. This sh*t’s been going on for decades. It’s called, “Candid Camera” and it done way better.

For more of Reanin, check her out on MySpace or Twitter.

For more of Jessie, check her out on Facebook or Twitter.

The full video is below:

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