100 Vilena Poses for Valentine’s Day [Photos]

In early April 2009, EnglishRussia.com reported there was a new photo trend sweeping Russia thanks to a girl named “Vilena” who took a self shot pic in which her butt was raised and her head was lowered with her eyes looking at the camera. Call me crazy, but I’m 99% sure this pose existed before the random Ruskie came long. Just look at “World’s Biggest Whore” and awesome adult film star Bree Olson who re-created the signature look before our interview with her in March 2009. As you can see from Bree, the pose makes the lovely lady hump look like a heart, so we thought it’d be fitting to make a gallery of Vilena Valentines for your lonely single ass. Face down, ass up, that’s the way we like our women to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


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    1. […] 100 Vilena Poses for Valentine’s Day [Photos] […]

    2. Guest says:

      100 girls and not a single black one. FAIL

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