Girls Catching Things In Their Mouths [46 Photos]

Yesterday, we took a look at the freakishly long tongue of former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis. Today, we stay focused on the mouth, an area of the body that can cause just as much pleasure as it can pain. The mouth can say so much without ever saying anything at all. From smiles to frowns to “O faces“, the mouth has a way of swaying your mood. Especially when it comes to chicks with big mouths who love to eat hot dogs. We hope this photo gallery of hot girls catching things in their mouths is well-received if you catch our drift. Of course, knowing you guys, you’re probably more likely to catch a cold. Take vitamin C, dude.




    1. […] lollipops. Our favorite is the oh so delicious corn dog. Much like babes sucking back beer bongs, catching things with their mouths, or taking a hot blast to the grill from a hand dryer, girls eating corn dogs goes down as one of […]

    2. […] peanuts or popcorn.  That kind of stuff.  Why, what were you thinking?  Tee hee.Anyway, enjoy a lovely round of “Catch It” after the jump….It’s up there somewhere.  Go grab it ladies!  And full credit must be […]

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