When Reporters Get Attacked [12 VIDEOS]

On February 2nd, CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper was assaulted by a mob supporting current president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak in Cairo. While we can all agree most reporters are fake and deserve a nice, solid punch in the face once in a while, they still have a job to do and judging by the beatdowns caught on video below, the majority of the time the attack isn’t warranted. If you see a reporter by your place tonight, give him or her a hug… or better yet, a bear hug.

CNN Reporter Anderson Cooper Attacked By Angry Mob in Cairo

Fox News Reporter John Mattes Attacked By Assad Sam Suleiman

Honey-covered Honey Mauled By “Calmest Bear on the Farm”

Sports Reporter Ben Davis Attacked By Fans Outside Olympic Park Stadium in Melbourne

Australian Man Michael Assad Jr. Goes Apesh*t On Reporter and Crew

Reporter Attacked By Multiple Women in Greenville, South Carolina

AP Reporter Attacked By A Hoe In Cocoa Beach, Florida

Reporter Gets Nailed With Snowballs From A Bunch of Brats

WLBT Reporter Bert Case is attacked by a Pit Bull

Reporter Adam Landau Attacked By Some Chick In Jacksonville Beach

Hot Reporter Mauled By Cute Kitty

Reporter Attacked By Reptile

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