The 10 Smartest Pot Smokers on the Planet… Cool Enough to Admit It

You’ve probably seen those “Above The Influence” anti-drug commercials in which they show worst scenario outcomes to people smoking weed. Really depressing sh*t. They always make the person out to be an accidental murderer, or homeless, jobless, friendless. No prospects of anything positive on the horizon. Well, we have a list of the smartest people who ever admitted to smoking pot as a nice complement to the most successful people who owned up to puffin’ dope. Suck it, ATI.

Steve Jobs

It’s been reported the Apple co-founder smoked pot and took LSD in his first semester at Reed College in Portland, Oregon in 1972. Since dropping out from the school, he’s only gone on to become one of the most successful and wealthiest people in America. In 1984, he received the National Medal of Technology from President Ronald Reagan. In 2007, Fortune Magazine named him the most powerful person in business and then California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger inducted him into the California Hall of Fame. Fortune also named him CEO of the Decade in 2009 while Forbes ranked him #57 on their list of the World’s Most Powerful People that same year. The Financial Times named Jobs its person of the year for 2010.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think you can have those kind of accolades being dumb. Plus, the guy’s a Beatles fan, dated Joan Baez, and sold one of his houses to Bono from U2. That’s some hip, hip company, my friend.

Carl Sagan

Astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, pothead.

It’s hard to argue for pot slowing you down when you look at Carl Sagan’s record. Apparently a confirmed and admitted stoner, among his many achievements are a Pulitzer Prize, an Emmy, a best-selling novel, as well as more than 500 science papers and articles. He was a founding member of the Planetary Society, and he won a pipe load of scientific awards.  Hardly surprising, he is said to have believed in the validity of stoned insights. I believe in them too, it’s just that Carl’s revolved around the origins of the cosmos, not which bagel store is open at 3 in the morning.

Stephen Jay Gould

Paleontologist, biologist, science historian.

Most famous scientific contribution was the theory of punctuated equilibrium, which says that most evolution is marked by long periods of stability. Kind of like most of us after a good bong hit. One of the most influential and best read writers of popular science, Gould became an advocate for medical marijuana following his diagnosis with cancer. He claimed it had an “important effect” on his recovery. He also testified in court to the benefits of marijuana, and is quoted as saying “it is beyond my comprehension that any humane person would withhold such a beneficial substance from people in such great need simple because others use it for different purposes.”

Gould used pot to help retain his health for twenty years, the same period during which he wrote The Structure of Evolutionary Theory, not what you might call an insignificant work.

Francis Crick

Won a Nobel Prize for figuring out the double-helix structure of DNA. Rumor has it that he was on acid at the time. Crick wasn’t the first to see twin twisted monsters coming at him during an acid plunge, but he was the first to recognize as an important scientific discovery. As a founding member of Soma, a legalize cannabis group, he also experimented pot, which he believed helped to remove the filters of abstract thought.

Margaret Mead

Ok, so it’s probably not totally accurate to describe Margaret Mead as a pothead, but she was a major proponent for marijuana, so we’re going to widen the definition a bit.

When she died in 1978, Mead was possibly the most famous Anthropologist on the planet. Time had named her Mother of the World in 1969. She authored or co-authored around 40 books, received 28 honorary doctorates, and was President of both the American Anthropological Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Most famously, she testified before Congress on the legalization of marijuana. She testified on lots of stuff, but it’s this one everyone remembers. Afterwards, she was called a dirty old lady, crazy, and no doubt many other things.

Andrew Weil

Had a mushroom named after him. Do we need to know any more? Well, yes, we do. Although he looks like he’s been binging on an all-night high, Dr. Weil has medical and biology degrees from Harvard, is a naturopath, as well as a widely acknowledged expert on medicinal herbs, alternative medicines, and mind and body interactions. He was on the cover of Time, has written a bunch of books, and used to write for High Times. He talks about the advantages of stoned thinking, as well as an innate need to alter consciousness. Is that him or us? Whatever, it’s clearly worked for him.

Kary Mullis

Another Nobel Prize winner, another stoner. Mullis tried heavier drugs than just pot. He invented the polymerase chain reaction, which if it’s slipped your mind, is the one that allows duplication of parts of DNA. He says acid helped him to develop it, perhaps along with pot, which he allegedly smoked just before his first trip. While most of us have trouble figuring out how a chair works when we’re high, this guy was working out how to mimic nature.

Oliver Sacks

If you’ve seen “Awakenings” with Robin Williams, you already know something of Oliver Sacks’ work. He’s a neurologist, the film based on his book of the same name. He also wrote The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. Sacks is an Oxford graduate and professor of neurology at Columbia Medical Center. He’s been referred to as the poet laureate of medicine, and received numerous awards and honorary doctorates in the field of neurological science. Not bad for a man who’s admitted to using marijuana on a more that recreational level, seeing it as a potential gateway to other minds and other consciousnesses.

Richard Feynman

Physicist who helped design the atomic bomb. Well, nobody said anyone on this list was wise, just smarter than average. Feynman used pot to enhance his out of body experiences while in a sensory deprivation tank. When he came out, he won a Nobel Prize for his theory of quantum electrodynamics.

Sergey Brin

He has a BS from the University of Maryland, a MS from Stanford and took PhD courses at Stanford before putting that on hiatus to co-found Google with Larry Page. His dad’s a math professor at the University of Maryland. His mom’s a research scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. His wife, Ann Wojcicki, is a biotech analyst who graduated with a B.S. in biology from Yale in 1996. She and Brin are working with leading researchers to help doctors, patients, and researchers analyze the human genome data and try to repair “bugs” as if DNA were HTML. He was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering, which is “among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer” and received the Marconi Foundation Prize, the “Highest Award in Engineering”. Like Jobs (see above), he’s among the wealthiest in the world.

I can only imagine the first time he described DNA as HTML to someone, he/she must’ve been like, “are you high?” To which, he responded, “No! Why? You holdin’?”

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    1. steve says:

      Well its not too surprising, everyone did something wild at stage of life. You are these are smartest one because they quit it just in time.

      1. Chidogg says:

        Not true! Carl Sagan continued to smoke it throughout his very prosperous career, he also wrote a book called "Reconsider Marijuana" under the pseudonym Mr X, Most of the other people on this list continue to smoke I am sure! but the media do love the old "I tried it in college" bit!

    2. carlos cmv says:

      nice post man.
      Im an engeneer and love pot too

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    5. fffffffweaew says:

      why is Obama not on thi list. He admited that he has done it before

      1. chidogg says:

        Because it says smartest!

      2. Chidogg says:

        Hey I have nothing against Obama but it does say smartest He be smart! and he is definitely important but intellect wise he really isn't up there is he?

      3. Chidogg says:

        And I am certainly not looking at the above grammar!

      4. James - University of Texas says:

        He is on our successful list – not the smartest. He is a bright man, maybe even wise, but not in the ballpark of this intellectual league .

      5. nonW00t says:

        cause he isn't smart, I'd imagine. LOL

      6. Elizabeth says:

        He also did Cocaine, as did George Bush Jr, Hillary and Bill, both used cannabis, in fact most western leaders today admit to using daily while in University, I know a few that still use today.

    6. En3rgy16 says:

      nice one

    7. Matt says:

      Nice list, I doubt any of them continue to smoke pot thought which is what those ads are getting at.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        Rubish, Julia Roberts is an advocate for legalisation as is Bill Murray and Charlie Sheen and his father and brother. Bill Clinton is now fighting for legalisation, Gingrich well alcohol has dulled his senses, There is plenty of good organic balanced cannabis out there, no need for the chemically filled rubbish. Alcohol causes, mental illness, brain damage, rage, cancer, insomnia, erectile problems, infertility, heart disease, diabetes, to name but a few things up to and including death. Alcohol is the cause of thousands of deaths every year, yet not one single death to cannabis in the entire history of its use.

    8. Nate says:

      Drinking is worse then smoking pot for all of you retards up there who believe that drinking is better then smoking. There are thc receptors in our brain, also "Marijuana isn't a drug, it's a leaf." (California Governer's Quote) Also some notable names that have and/or do smoke are: Megan Fox, George Bush, Jason Lee(Inventer of Mountain Boards), Ricky Williams, Bill Murray, Bill Clinton, Bob Marley, Charlie Sheen, Chris Rock, Louis Armstrong(Famous Jazz Musician), Drew Barrymore, Howard Stern, Jack Nicholson, Jennifer Aniston, Joan of Arc(Accused of witch herbs a.k.a. Cannibis), Johny Cash, Julia Roberts, Newt Gingrich(Speaker of the U.S. Senate), Pablo Picasso, Ted Turner and oh yeah almost forgot Willaim Shakespeare, you may have heard of him.

      1. christy says:

        wow that so cool didnt know about some of these..

      2. Billy says:

        1.) Drinking is worse I agree
        2.) Marijuana is a drug , anything that changes the way your body works is considered a drug , food is a drug too
        3.) There are THC receptors in our brain , there's also receptors for Heroin , Cocaine, etc or they wouldn't work if you had no receptors its like broadcasting a signal without something to receive it.
        4.) Half the people you listed are dumb that's not how you judge a drug
        I dont see how you validated marijuana in that post as something positive

        Instead of actually using scientific evidence like:
        -Marijuana Kills Cancer and stops metastasis
        -Prevents Alzheimer
        – Helps Asthma and other brocho related issues
        etc etc.. but this only holds true if it is vaporized or eaten not SMOKED

      3. Connor says:

        Actually the part of the cannabis plant that you smoke is the flower, not the leaf.

      4. guest says:

        you left out a 61 year pot smoker-the best comedian ever-RODNEY DANGERFIELD

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    10. Erik says:

      steve smoke a joint before you post next time, it might help you with your grammar.

    11. MrRiggs says:

      Good post, worth a read for pot smokers.

    12. Chris says:

      Yup, let us advocate pot and while where at it, let us move on to stronger drugs as well because we know that leaving for work at 3am feeling like where in a thriller video while leaving our driveway is the way to go.

      1. hammermuffin says:

        Actually, the only reason that there’s a “gateway” effect is because of the prohibition of marijuana an the blending of hard and soft drugs. And bedded, when weed was legalized in Amsterdam, the use of hard drugs there fell by 85%. Read a book sometime

      2. Max says:

        Really dude, they are just trying to show ignorant people like you that marijuana does not make you stupid, fuck come on people above the ignorance

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    16. Nunya says:

      And how long is the list of pot smokers that have thrown away their lives to get high, 100's, 1000's, millions? Naming 10 doesn't impress me or carry a valid argument to legalize another mind numbing drug. When you have seen close friends choose getting high on pot over their friends, family and future. You begin to see why its illegal. And if you don't agree, I feel sorry for you.

      1. ha! says:

        Your close friends where wasters before they touched weed you just couldnt see it then when it happened you blame it on the Green…

      2. fuckyourself says:

        people like you only make good fertilizer. i dont know a single person who has failed at life who is soully dedicated to toking the herb. however i lost my dad and a handfull of friends to alcohol i havent lost anyone to weed yet. nor have i seen anyone fail to it. wow maybe some guy is unmotivated and smokes pot however i bet they were unmotivated before or would be without pot. its now proven that marijuana improves brain stimulation (why these people make more money then you bitch) by the university of saskatchewen. i didnt always smoke weed, in highschool i dropped out and started smoking it 1 year later. now i own 2 successful small business, a farm with 160 acres, a beutiful house, a garage full of the dream cars i wanted when i was poor and a house. all thanks to growing marijuana 4 years ago. im 23 now so suck my cock and read some books.

      3. Elizabeth says:

        Actually over 5,000 years of continual use, cannabis has not shown that effect on anyone until it was criminalised. Cannabis increases brain activity, mends brain cells and neuro pathways. As opposed to the chemical grown, where the chemicals do cause problems with memory, activity on any level, they cause headaches and sore throats, therefore not the Cannabis, but the Chemicals used that causes the problems. However in order to know that first you need to be able to read science, understand it and remember it, something alcohol abusers cannot do, only cannabis users. At 61 and a user of over 20 years, I have also studied cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, medical research and apparently understand more than those who spout their myths claiming them to be truths. Try education, it might help, however if you are a boozer, I doubt you would understand any of it.

      4. Billy says:

        10 Important people are worth 100000 stupid ones quality over quantity
        The people that destroyed their lives using pot like you claim were already going nowhere pot just acted as a catalyst.
        Remember, its not the drug that destroys you its yourself and only yourself
        Alcohol is more mind numbing than pot trust me
        You act like a primitive ape when your smashed , tell me how many people that smoke pot go home and beat their wives

      5. 2Masters&counting says:

        I'm surprised that sheople like you can stop drinking your government issued mind control kool-aid long enough to respond to an article. Shallow parrots such as yourself would likely be dangerous if you had opinions that were actually your own and not part of the collective. Let me wrap up with an equally shallow and insulting comment as yours……."And if you dont agree,I'll pray for you."

      6. ben says:

        Just because you can shove your opinion down peoples throats doesnt mean your right. Go read some medical journals or maybe go and look at 99% of people who smoke weed and are totally normal. The only reason you thinks its bad is because your dumb ass ignorant parents brainwashed you as a child. Grow up and do some proper research.

      7. zagzig says:

        Am I the only one that sees the hypocrisy of the war on drugs that does not include comercials on T.V. every few minutes that tell us we CANNOT live without drugs? Side effects may include…………

      8. TheRadical says:

        Shit for brains closed minded idiot!

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    18. Jay says:

      What about George Carlin? He was no idiot

    19. Mastercope says:

      oh yeah well alcohol is legal and i am quite sure this has wasted a lot more lives than pot and personally I do not know anybody who "threw there lives away over pot" get real it's a war that will never be won and to end it will regulate it and take the money away from organized crime. ( as I exhale a really big hit and say wow man look at all the colors ) give me a break!!

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