Alabama’s “Fax Cam Girl” [4 Photos]

Today’s National Signing Day, the first day that a top high school football recruit can commit to college by signing a binding letter of intent. Some schools take more pride in the day’s events than others. The University of Alabama is so pumped they set up a live streaming web cam at one of their athletic department offices that is solely dedicated to the fax machine. Sounds boring, right? Wrong. Apparently, a sexy Alabama Crimsonette works there and has been sporadically retrieving the faxes…wearing a hot mini-skirt. She’s got every guy in America screaming, “Roll Tide!”

UPDATE: SEC  has received complaints from 2 or more unidentified SEC schools about the Alabama Fax Cam Girl incident.  SEC Commissioner Mike Slive feels it was inappropriate.


Janda23 from makes a great point:

First, from what I understand the girl was a Crimson Cabaret member who was in her NCAA and SEC approved performance uniform. Now, why is it okay to wear the outfit live in front of 15,000 people (including men, women, children, Sunday school teachers and Grandma) in the audience and millions more on TV but it is somehow “inappropriate” to wear the same thing on a signing day event? The logic baffles me.

Next, why does a member SEC school care if a Crimson Cabaret member takes faxes off the machine for people to see? And why were they watching Bama’s fax machine and not their own?

Lastly, I would think it more appropriate if Mike Slive had called the reporting school and told them to mind their own business, quit being tattle tales over nothing, and quit trying to “turn in” a fellow member. It amazes me how jealous others get over Bama’s success that they would stoop so low and that Slive would agree with them.

”Yes, we ARE that arrogant, we ARE better than you and Alabama IS the center of the college football universe. Get over it.”

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    4. Andy says:

      Wow, how did you figure that one out folks????? Look at the screen shots people. White thigh, creamy white hands. It HAD TO BE THE BLACK GIRL. Mystery not solved folks, someone lied to you big time, the girl in the group shot has too dark of complexion to be your girl.

      1. Tanner says:

        Her complexion isn't really that dark. In fact, she looks mixed. Plus it looks like it was summer when the picture was made. Right now it's about spring in the south with a few cold days. All people get darker with more sun. So she was probably not as dark as she gets in the summer. I don't see why you're so disappointed. Unless your penis is like a little white supremacist.

    5. traverdog says:

      She looks great to me. What's the problem

    6. fax pictures says:

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