2011 Super Bowl of Underboob [20 Photos]

Super Bowl XLV is set to take place Sunday, February 6th in Dallas, Texas. It’ll be one of the rare contests in which neither team – the Packers nor the Steelers– has cheerleaders. So, what in the holy high kicking hotness are we supposed to gawk at in between plays? Before the Conference Championships, we brought you Awesome American Football Underboob. Now, with the lack of pom pom pushers on the sidelines, we’re forced to stick to the gameplan and call underboob‘s number once again. It’s done wonders for Brazilian soccer, Asia, and Georgia Tech. We bet Big Ben’s regretting that decision to tie the knot now. So, who ya got? Go Pack Go or Black and Yellow? Let us know in the comments.



    1. I remember why I love the Super Bowl soo much now because of all of the hot chicks

    2. […] …get your ass rolling and ready for the Super Bowl with 20 of the finest Green Bay & Pittsburgh underboob photos…dare we say…of all time! True, some of these racks have been Photoshopped. As if that matters. What matters is how quickly these photos will be uploaded to your phone and sent to all your buddies in Wausau. [Coed] […]

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    5. Sharmota_Egypt says:

      Sexy Girls يا رجال مصر عودوا إلى منازلكم

    6. Avalon says:

      Green Bay this time

    7. […] 2011 Super Bowl of Underboob [20 Photos] : COED MagazineJan 31, 2011 … NCAA · MLS · International … %2F31%2F2011-super-bowl-of … […]

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