Beanies and Bikinis [58 Photos]

With Mother Nature and Jack Frost double teaming everyone’s plans and coating most of the nation in their waste, you don’t get to see much skin. Eye candy is in limited supply, covered in thick wrappers that will take multiple Four Lokos mixed with medical marijuana sodas and topped with Whipped Lightning to remove. Luckily, a few years back Wave House had the great idea to start a “Beanies and Bikinis” contest, in which brave, shivering hotties donned skimpy swimwear and their favorite skullcaps (aka “beanies”) to see who is the coolest of the cold. Since then, the contest has sprung up all over this great ice-covered nation of ours and we’ve got the pics to prove it, Hot Sauce. Check ’em out then send us some!



    1. Stacy says:

      Bikini's and Beanie's! Who would have thought they would be so hot together. I often wear my bikini and my beanie together, lol!

    2. Daily Dump says:

      […] 58 Bikinis and Beanies…[COED] […]

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