Facebook Round-up: Christina Halkiopoulos Photos, Caption Contest Winner, The Hoff Give, AnnaLynne McCord

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Apparently Christina Halkiopoulos loves COED…

This chick Christina Halkiopoulos and her friends have been lobbying us to write about her. She didn’t have to try very hard. I mean, you know how much I love Australian hotties. So, I pulled 40 pics of this “Wonder From Down Under” and neatly assembled them in this Aussome gallery. Christina Halkiopoulos. Australian for “hot”.

  • http://coedmagazine.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/165615_181871341844731_112025945495938_492516_2139012_n.jpg

    Caption contest winner!

    More than 320 people submitted captions for our latest contest and after some careful consideration (throwing darts mostly), we’ve picked a winner! You’ll find the winning submission below along with some other favorites and the sweet prize our winner will receive if he ever sees this post. Dude, send me a message on Facebook with your address and we’ll send out the t-shirt.

    WINNER: Christian Linenko with “Meanwhile, in Sarah Palin’s backyard.”

    http://coedmagazine.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/personal_soundtrack_tshirt.jpg?w=199&h=220A.J. Simmons Yes, I am the mayor of crazytown.
    Teresa Chen
    U want beef? U gotta get through me
    Kennedy Kenet im a retard. nuff’ said
    Matt Essex At least Ted Nugent spent his thousands wisely.
    Chris Kim red neck couldnt afford a horse???
    Maribel Juarez They see me rollin’ .. They hating
    Alain Agius Polo is for pussies…
    Carlos Russell Eat more chikin……or die!!
    Brock Wade Farris What happens in Alabama, stays in Alabama.
    Anthony Havok Castelan dick cheney’s protege
    Kara Grayson What the hell happened last night?
    Ilias Kladakis this isnt where i parked my car
    Tommy Fabs william wallace aint got nothing on me!
    Jack Ohaider “With this here plastic Cow AND GIANT Plastic Pistol I’ll be able to run FOR PRESIDENT! I’ll be as famous as JOE THE PLUMBER! My name will be…..”BILL THE CAMPER!”
    Indiana Grace Whiteman Looks like Lea Michelles protest for horse rides in NY has gone a little too far!
    Kelvin Lebui ‎…and not a single fu-k was given that day..
    Donny Whales dude, where’s my car?
    Paul Wilson
    If your gun and your mullet are bigger than the cow you’re riding, you might be a redneck.
    Bobby Anglin ‎”Wanna know what happens when you take beer away from rednecks? Yea. I didn’t think so”Andrew Burns ‎”Now I am ready for Modern Warfare”
    Miles Scholl That’s how we do it in America.
    Gary Rojas Now where are those damn Mexicans!
    Michael Anderson Don’t people know that cough medicine can lead to bad things?
    Tristian Zamora-Kun GET TO DAH CHOPPA!!!
    Austin Smith Chuck Norris before he discovered the round house kick
    Philip Oldridge ‎”Everything’s bigger in Texas!”

    Hasselhoff Giveaway!

    Tomorrow we are ending our David Hasselhoff giveaway (it was supposed to end on Tuesday but I forgot. Sue me). Four people are going to win his Comedy Central Roast on DVD.

    All you need to do to enter is write “I Love The Hoff” on our Facebook Wall. It’s that easy…ready, GO!


    It’s AnnaLynne McCord!

    We posted this picture and asked people to guess the leggy Hollywood hottie. The answer was AnnaLynne McCord - here are 9 more pictures from the photoshoot.

    http://coedmagazine.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/annalynne-mccord-brigitte-bardot-831.jpg?w=139&h=179Some of the guesses were pretty dumb. Eight people guessed Beyonce and some dude named Lewis Burt said, “Not tanned enough for Beyonce,” Beyonce is black, bro, not really really really ridiculously tan. Another popular guess was Stacy Keibler, I guess I can see the resemblance but I think SK has a bigger butt…in a good firm way, not cottage cheese way. Here are some of the best comments:

    Savannah Rose Yarberry miriah carey?
    Chris Gibbens Christopher Walken?
    Lewis Burt Not tanned enough for beyonce
    Max Lawlz Gostenko Bob Dylan
    Cooper Feste Justin beiber

    We need submissions!

    Start submitting photos, videos and links on our Wall! If you see any random sh*t throughout the day seriously post it up and we’ll figure out a way to feature it. *** If you have a Mystery Hottie you want us to help solve send me a message with the picture attached. ***