5 Things Girls Want You To Do Without Asking [RENATA’S RECOS]

Why do girls get annoyed that their man didn’t do something they wanted them to…even though they never actually spelled it out? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that guys are the furthest things from psychic – which is a problem for girls who want you boys to read their minds. Say one thing, mean another, expect you to read between the (completely unfair) lines. Bad idea. So, if you’ve failed at playing Houdini one too many times, or stared dumbfounded into the face of a disgusted girl, this list is dedicated to you.

5. Stop trying to fix it and let us vent

I know it goes against everything you guys stand for to hear a problem and not try to fix it or suggest a solution, but sometimes that’s the wrong answer. Sometimes we want you to be supportive, stop talking and just (brace yourselves here…) listen.

Is she having friend drama? Office turmoil? School issues? Zip it, boys, and just be a good listener while we get it off our chests. We just may appreciate you more if you say less.

photo by Michael Turek

4. Be willing to miss out on bro time once in a rare while

STOP RIGHT THERE – I know this sounds like, “ditch your friends and be whipped” but that’s not the message. Sometimes girls are crazy and tell you to go out with the guys instead of (insert an undesirable thing they want you to do here), but they’re lying. What they really want is for you to realize that if she says it’s OK, what she really means is, “I’m going to make your life miserable for this.” What she hoped was that you’d be considerate enough to at least be willing to forego said cooler plans. So if you feel like it’s a trap, it probably is – better to play it safe and ask if she wants you to stick by her side. Even if you still land a Get Out Of Jail Free Card, she’ll at least appreciate the offer – and you won’t get frozen out.

photo by Rubberball Productions

3. Do something thoughtful and unsolicited

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but sometimes it’s nice to be sweet just because. You don’t have to buy her a dozen roses (that’s pretty unoriginal actually), it could be something small like bringing her caffeine when she’s hung over or letting her pick the movie this time. You guys have a tendency to give gifts that are less about us and more about you (lingerie and sports tickets are only altruistic if you’re dating Carmen Electra or Marv Albert), so showing us your thoughtful side could score you major points. Especially if we don’t have to ask.

photo by Emma Innocenti

2. Respect our right to be girly

Chicks don’t always wake up at our prettiest or look hot after a long night in a sweaty bar, so every so often we reserve the right to obsess over our appearance and do some major damage control.

If this requires us to be stealth and freshen up, please pretend like you don’t notice.

Call us crazy, but most of us would like to remain cute in your eyes at all times. OK fine…most of the time.

1. Know when to step up and when to step back

Times when you should keep a low profile: in family matters, girl issues or when doing anything that could get you arrested. It’s nice to defend our honor if some guy hits on us, just don’t start a brawl over it (bailing you out of the clink is not sexy). But there are times when we’d like you to take some initiative, and we may not always spell it out. Never make a girl make the first move, open her own car door or introduce herself to your friends/family/coworkers. That’s your job, boys. Don’t forget it.

Alas, you may never hone your psychic powers, but the trick is to find the girl who says what she means *most* of the time. And if you can’t find her, at least do the opposite of what she asks fifty percent of the time and you’re bound to get it right at some point.

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    1. drognan231 says:

      If you have a problem I'm going to offer a solution. If you just want to vent, tell your girlfriends, not me. That's what they're for.

      1. will smith,*_* says:

        lol,u look hot,can i pay u for a sex night?,if yes,well,i'm from california,send me ur addres,thx hun

    2. Matt says:

      lol, drognan231, youre either single or soon will be.

    3. Xtraf00L says:

      girls are stupid… u 're lucky that artificial pussies aren't that cool.

    4. Dan says:

      "Is she having friend drama? Office turmoil? School issues? Zip it, boys, and just be a good listener while we get it off our chests. We just may appreciate you more if you say less."

      And if I say nothing and listen, she turns around and says, "You're not even listening to me! God, why are you such a jerk!" Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Let's face it, women don't know what the hell they want, and guys certainly don't either.

      Buy her roses and she says, "There were no chocolates? What, are you trying to say I'm fat?" Buy her chocolates and she says, "I hate you! Don't you know I'm on a diet?" Buy her Slim Fast and she says, "So you want me to lose weight? I'm not good enough for you the way I am?"

      I know one gift that will solve all the problems, though. A coffin.

      I'm just kidding. Or am I?

      1. gurlhurl says:

        hey ho dude, cool it, such a girl doesnt need you. kick her off and get someone who does.

    5. Joebob says:

      Problem is that WOMEN do know what they want us to do and say, we just refuse to follow their rules!!
      A relationship should be one of compassion, care, understanding, forgiveness, compromise and loving someone enough to even take crap off of them now and then. As men, we are no better to live with. We tend to love sports and video games first, our buddies second, food third, beer fourth and our wives and or girlfriends last. OK, Beer can be moved up the line some. lol
      Before anyone tries to insult me about being whipped or something stupid and immature as that let me say this, "my relationships last a little while so I must know some of what I speak of".
      Be there for each other, tell the guys you will see them next week and pay attention to the best part of your relationship tonight.
      As I am a guest I guess I deserve what I get. Let er rip!!!

    6. poncho says:

      Was this article about chicks thoughts, feelings, and girlie wishes … Blah …blah… blah?
      In true "Real Man" fashion, I didn't read anything you wrote.

      I did jerk-off to your picture though.
      See what real men think of your whiny rants?

    7. THOR!!! says:

      Ô_Ô Okay, I live in a pretty gender equal country, so perhaps I shouldn't… But… really? Are you like this… still? So… when are you going to fix it…? You will… won't you?

    8. THOR!!! says:

      Hey, guys. The fifthies called: they want their perspective on women's role in society back! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    9. agirl says:

      As a girl, I think I have so many guy friends because they actually give advice, and don't make wishy washy condolences or that "I know how you feel" nonsense that women are taught to provide. Honestly, if I'm complaining about it, it's because I want it fixed!

    10. urban says:

      blabin about her insecurities i just put on the news and make slight responses that way i can pass the time bt i do try listen then i surprise by giving my take on d issue but on a later time. No big deal just dont be too simple to handle

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    13. suckit123 says:

      I can't believe what I'm reading…all these stupid, silly, gay comments… Why are you reading this article if you are so "machos" you don't care what women feel and think. Get real!

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