Attack of the Show-down: Olivia Munn Vs. Candace Bailey

Fans of G4’s Attack of the Show have known for a while, but most are unaware that beloved Geek Queen Olivia Munn has moved on from the program to join the cast of new show, “Perfect Couples” on NBC (premiering Thursday, 1/20 at 8:30p ET). Her replacement on AOTS is Candace Bailey, a former junior Olympic gymnast who’s appeared on The Sopranos, As The World Turns, and the Ghost Whisperer. Announcement of the switch came in early December with her first episode airing this past Tuesday (1/11). Is AOTS better off with Candace as the primary eye candy? Or will G4’s pride and joy suffer without Olivia? This isn’t the first time Olivia’s been challenged. What do you think?

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    1. […] to its  female cast members. The big question now is: who’s hotter? Last week, our showdown was Olivia Munn vs. Candace Bailey. This week, it’s the US Skins vs. the UK’s. […]

    2. […] to its  female cast members. The big question now is: who’s hotter? Last week, our showdown was Olivia Munn vs. Candace Bailey. This week, it’s the US Skins vs. the UK’s. […]

    3. […] list. You can frequently see her guest hosting “Attack of the Show” on G4. If I were Candace Bailey, I’d be […]

    4. NOYFB says:

      CANDACE BAILEY SUCKS, her bubble gum pop crap and i'm too good and sweet for you attitude is going to bring down aots. All she cares about is a paycheck and nothing else. All she does is read off a teleprompter, poorly too, even the banter is written down and read oFf the teleprompter for her.
      Should of been either Haislip, Webb or at the worst Chobot for co host. Bailey and Underwood should of never been considered and should have nothing to do with this show

      1. Yoyo says:

        guess who's never been with a woman! (Mom doesn't count, boy!)

    5. Jarrod says:

      I like Candace and her good girl, sweet attitude. TV has enough whores and AOTS definitely needed some classing up. Haislip is annoying and needs braces and the day Morgan ManJaw/ManArms Webb takes the co-host spot is the day I stop watching the show.

    6. Yoma says:

      Uh…the voting button is missing the final and third option…"both are hot" it's a win win!

    7. Michael says:

      candace is hotter, these pictures don’t do her justice so just watch the show. olivia has kind of an old womanly look to her face.
      i also like candaces attitude better, olivia always had this annoying sarcastic sound to her voice and i found it annoying. webb is okay but she isnt exactly eye candy. i like underwood too, but i cant decide if shes hotter than bailey.

    8. dillgobler says:

      underwood should take over entire show and host it nude with half an hour segments one on her tits and ass and the next on her candace and olivia making out and the rest of g4 should be about gaming not gay ass cops and the liking

    9. Rick Duerr says:

      I love you you candice and sarah… keep doing what you do … I think you are both especially candice very sexy and hot….. I also think you are funny … thanks for the entertainment…. lov ya both

    10. Jackie Debs says:

      This is comparing apples to oranges. This is the classic CUTE vs HOT.

      If you like cute girls, you like candace, if you like hot girls, you like olivia.

      I don't always sleep with women, but when I do, I prefer they be cute.

      Stay horny my friends.

    11. KevinP says:

      Candace looks like a 6 year old. If you are attracted to her, you are a pedo!

    12. Shunpei says:

      Can't I have both??

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