Should Jenna Renee Webb Be Our Miss COED of the Year?

Yesterday we posted a picture of this random mystery hottie on our Facebook wall and asked our loyal fans to help us identify her. No less than 5 minutes later we had the answer. Drum roll, please. Her name’s Jenna Renee Webb and she’s a 23 year old fitness model and personal trainer from Jacksonville, Florida. If only the Jags looked this good, they wouldn’t be at home watching the playoffs. Though, it does give them more time to soak in the absurd hotness that is Jenna. She’s definitely in the early running for Miss COED of the Year. Everybody that wanna see Jenna in a COED bikini, say yeaaaaaaaaaah!

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    1. John Marion says:

      Um… YES!!!

    2. Jon says:

      This woman is gorgeous. She is definitely a top candidate for Miss Coed of the year.

    3. gmoney says:

      Um yes ah yeah ahhhh yup

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