57 Whipped Cream Bikinis for National Whipped Cream Day [Photos]

Today’s National Whipped Cream Day! While those without fake IDs previously used whipped cream to do whippets, nowadays you could probably stockpile an entire case of Whipped Lightning in your fridge without a hint of retribution from the RA or the ‘rents. How do you make Whipped Lightning, one of the greatest inventions ever, even better? Simple, use it to make a bikini on your friend with benefits! Ali Larter made the edible outfit famous in 1999’s Varsity Blues and Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody even sported one back when she was stripping. Then, Katy Perry / Katy Brand sported a whipped cream bra in her video for “California Gurls“. To celebrate we took Devo’s orders, knocked back some shots of Pinnacle’s Whipped Cream Vodka and whipped up this wicked good gallery of cuties in cream bikinis.



    1. Don says:

      Who is the girl with the white shirt with her boobs out the top of her shirt?

    2. duh says:

      you're forgetting anna faris' from the movie "just friends"

    3. […] Yesterday was nation whipped cream bikini day….here’s 57 of them […]

    4. heath c says:

      sex is batter when you got sum boobs and sum whipped cream and sum cold drinks

    5. […] happening in the Land of Sport unless you’re a fan of mutants in their Underroos, so here are 57 Whipped Cream Bikinis in honor of the slightly-less-than 57 days until Spring Training starts (30 days till pitchers […]

    6. hajihaji says:

      my wife

    7. […] Chicks love chocolate. You ever see a commercial for Godiva or some other rich, chocolatey treat? Women bust ovaries to get their mouths on that sweet treat. And, I’m here to give them another reason to stuff their faces with it – turns out it’s a vegetable. Studies have also shown it’s good for the heart, which is sure to be racing when your eyes drink in this photo gallery of cuties covered in chocolate sauce. Check out the delicious pics below and feel free to top this off with¬†Whipped Cream Bikinis. […]

    8. […] Texas; I watch Friday Night Lights, and I just assume all guys play football and their chicks wear¬†whipped-cream bikinis. I found humor in how much the world has changed since my senior year where it was 10% tops (yes, I […]

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