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Who’s That Girl… Carly Foulkes: The T-Mobile 4G Girl [75 Photos]

Once in a while during a commercial break, you resist clicking the remote. Something or someone caught your eye. In years past, we were enamored with the girl from that Cadillac commercial. This football season, it seems the chick from those T-Mobile 4G TV spots has everyone talking. Who is she? Many believed it was Hot Tub Time Machine’s Jessica Pare. Some of us at the office would’ve laid money on Jessica being the mystery woman. However, you’d be wrong. Carly Foulkes is the 4G fox that has everyone’s antennas up. We got your signal, Carly. To steal a competitor’s line, you make us want to reach out and touch someone (specifically you). Enjoy OUR coverage of this cell phone sexpot.

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