A Girl’s Favorite Sex Position Is…

Everybody has their own fantasy, their own mood-lighting, their preferred music – when it comes to the sexual encounter, there are infinite ways women get their libido up and running.

A Girl’s Favorite Sex Position is…But apparently, according to an iVillage poll, there’s one position that ranks high above the rest – and it’s very surprising.

Over 200 women have taken the “What’s Your Favorite Sexual Position” poll in the last couple of days, having the option to pick either A) Missionary/Man on top, B) Woman on top, C) Doggy Style or the ever-elusive D) Other.

You wanna know what choice is ahead on the polls as of this posting?

Doggy Style!

Now, maybe this doesn’t surprise you, but I’m certainly taken back. I had no idea that so many women genuinely enjoyed this position.

It’s always seemed like men get the most pleasure from this position, especially since it lets us feel all powerful and caveman like. But as the results show, women too find it the most pleasurable as well. Call it deeper penetration, call it a woman’s want to be dominated, call it whatever you would like – I call it good news for men with a booty fetish.



    1. jeffx says:

      thank god!

    2. caveman says:

      of the chicks that actually like sex, d-style is definitely the favorite…the ones that don't like it on their knees seem to not like sex anyway….

    3. Editor says:

      well put caveman, touche'

    4. Martin says:

      Apparently the penetration is deeper this way.

    5. UncleHank says:

      Women love the dog over all else it is true. Ditto to caveman also.

    6. CaptainAwesome says:

      Seems to me that they like doggystyle because it was evolutionarily designed for them to like it. It hits all important nerve endings and is almost a straight shot into the uterus. Science FTW!

    7. turbotimm says:

      hearing the word "doggystyle" makes me want to go to a go-go bar. anyone else?

    8. thom says:

      here's one reason why girls like doggystyle

    9. arogerz says:

      true dat. i luv when dat nutsack smacks my pussy.

    10. Editor says:

      arogerz in post #9 just gave everyone on this site the ebonics lesson of a lifetime

    11. ioygyiotg says:


    12. ioygyiotg says:


    13. Shako says:

      It is like me,I like sex

    14. Aly says:

      Send me hot sex u have

    15. muneer says:

      most women prefer missionary position because it is comfortable and romantic

    16. muneer says:

      doggy position makes the women feel she is like an animal just a hole

    17. Earl says:

      Typically, I tend to bed ugly and overweight women so doggy works out perfect for both of us. They like the position and I don't have to look at her gap toothed slack jawed "o" face.

    18. Josefina says:

      love doggie style

    19. Josefina says:

      i also am a fan of the balls smaking my pussy makes me even hornier

    20. Ryan says:

      Wow there are a lot of trannies on this site. Guys talking about balls slapping there pussies.

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