Did BarstoolSport’s Jenna Mourey WOW You This Year? [99 Photos]

Many of you might be wondering just who in the holy hell is #54 on our list of Women Who Wowed in 2010. Well, she’s Jenna, the smartest go-go dancer this side of the Mississippi and she’s the eye candy / female “voice” of Turns out “El Prez” wasn’t too pleased with Jenna’s rank (read it here). At first, we thought maybe we’d slipped up, dropped the ball, screwed the pooch. But, thankfully, The Stoolies reassured us we’d made the right decision in the comments section. Some even criticized us for including her at all. We combed through them all and listed the best below.

What do you think? Over / under: #54 for Jenna. Take our poll, check out all 99 pictures and leave a comment. Show El Prez what the F is up.

Our favorite reader comments from the Barstool story…

Akrobat says: Maybe because jenna needs 10 pounds of makeup to be hot? She just has a good body.

DotRat518 says: She wows in “Wow, I cant believe that this girl is being propped up by BSS and given her own website” and “Wow, if I dumped a few hundred grand on an education and ended up being a go-go dancer with pink hair whose only claim to fame was a chuckle-worthy youtube video, I’d do a Charles Stewart off the Tobin…” Either show your tits or go away.

magicbbl23 says: come on guy, she shouldnt even be on the list. Girls like her can be found half naked at every bar across the country.. She wouldnt even be one of the top 66 girls Ive dated.

headreceiver says: she looks good as a whore, gotta give her that

jimmyschwartz says: Wow to whoever made this list for even putting jenna on it? shes not hot, not funny, has a masters degree and is nothing but a dancer? wow jenna you suck at life

Vince says: ok then you guys have fun chugging boners.. jennas fucking hot.

bethpatrish says: this list is so backwards WTF. yeah i’d say #55 is HOTTER than jenna but come ON? the girls of glee? generic brunette in boring bikini and pose? WTF! jenna AND #55 chick should both be way higher on the list. i mean really, that’s a slap in the face. jenna is so fucking hot i’d nearly ask her to marry my husband just so i could watch him fuck her. straight up, she is the hottest go-go dancer AT LEAST in boston, probably elsewhere too but how would i know. chick should be #5, and all these guys bashing her are just jealous their girls look like, as jenna would say, sausages stuffed in a bag.

dubsfan says: hahaha iron sheik, i totally know who youre talking about right off the bat, i cant remember the chicks name, but god damn, it does look exactly like iron sheik

amila226 says: Jenna’s a local beat-bag that needs to cake on makeup to be presentable. She’s got a hot body don’t get me wrong, but she doesn’t even belong in here, look at 55 here come on lets be real

Soxfan684 says: Jenna ain’t even that hot. She seems cool though. Would I fuck her. ABSOLUTELY. Would it be the highlight of my year. Probably. Make up does wonders though.

tuck_rule says: think you should take it, lucky shes even ranked

jimmyschwartz says: Jenna is fuckable with layers and layers of makeup on and that is it. Hot body, yes. Deserving to be on this list? Hell no. Anybody who really is defending her and saying she is actually hot clearly has never gotten laid by somebody who actually is hot.

Evil One says: Feitelberg actually ranked #17 on the “2010 Manholes Magazine Pink Sock Awards”

Buddy Revel says: Coed magazine has a lot on it from BSS -smokeshows-wakeups, etc. You guys are either getting along-more clicks more ad money-and jenna got in or you both have your legal team ready for action. Jenna being hot is hard to argue with

condoms says: 54 seems about right consider the other people are actually famous

collateral says: These lists only exist so peop le can argue about them. Hot chicks are hot, ranking them is a waste of time.

jimmyschwartz says: Jenna is a classic buttaface. Nobody can argue that she has a hot body. The rest, not so much

Effu2 says: I’ll argue that she has a hot body. Fucking girl needs to eat something. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into fatties, but I also don’t want a girl that looks like she lives on 39 cents a day.

Hey, this no my pee! says: Jenna’s body is smoking, but she looks like she was hit with a bag of doorknobs.

lifesucks4cubemonkeys says: jenna in those whorey ‘semi-striptease’ outfits is absolutely outstanding. god bless her. love em….

And our favorite…

Larkonmygokart says: A special thanks goes out to our friends who contributed great insight and perspective to our WOW list for 2010: Doug, Alex & Brandon from BroBible. How do they ask the BroBible tools but not Prezy, that’s what I’d be mad about.

* Little does this guy know but we did ask El Prez to contribute to Women Who Wowed 2010 but he big timed us.*

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    1. Will says:

      I happen to think Jenna has a lovely face. Pair that with that bod, and WOW!

      1. Campbell says:

        yea thats cuz your not a feckin idiot..i dunno what those faggots above are looking for but by no stretch of the imagination is jenna not sexy and she's real most girls are just crazy

    2. BethPatrish says:

      thanks for organizing all her photos into one easy to view gallery, i'm bookmarking this!!!! yummm!!!!

    3. Harry Ballsagna says:

      Fucking finally #93 – Waiting to see her ass for that long was rough, shes got a tight lil thang. We need more pics of her ass

    4. ngoohao says:

      I suggest coed magazine start giving credit to the people who take the pics before there's an issue…

    5. […] Women Who Wowed 2010 Did BarstoolSport’s Jenna Mourey WOW You This Year? [99 Photos] Wow She’s Hot… Butterface?!? […]

    6. Ron says:

      i would eat her asshole out with a spoon lol

    7. […] her because dudes love when she gives ‘em oak. She’s also friends with BarStool stunner Jenna Mourey, whose birthday is today. Happy bday, Jenna – this photo gallery is for you. Check out […]

    8. oh damn, im hungry for now xD

    9. SigmaKidd says:

      This chick is f*cking HOT. Definitely over #54

      Plus her personality seems pretty cool so even more of a reason to be higher

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