Wow She’s Hot… Butterface?!? [PICS]

For today’s lesson, we’ve tackled one of Earth’s most frustrating creatures – the Butterface. We’ve all seen her, that girl whose body looks like it was sent straight from heaven, but her face…well, no so much. Sometimes, it’s that the body and the face just don’t match in awesomeness. Other times, it’s down right scary.

Often, it’s easy to overlook the Butterface’s shortcomings. And other times, the shortcomings just f**k up the whole dang package. Now don’t get us wrong – we know we’re being total d*cks here. But what can you do? We are guys and this is the Internet – being overly judgmental just comes with the territory. And in the end, you just can’t win ’em all.



    1. Adam says:

      This is why you can't get laid. There's nothing wrong with these women.

    2. Brock Sampson says:

      You are right about that Blub–what a waste of time and effort. Talk about forcing an idea–not one of those girls was ugly, and on some of them, you could tell they were actually beautiful, it was just a bad photo.

      The bigger joke in those photos is the absolutely ridiculous collection of breasts they put together there. Look, I like a nice rack as much as the next guy, but these hellishly overdone fake melons are just sad in most cases. Ladies, don't put yourself through the danger of surgery to end up looking like you've got two basketballs under your tank top!

    3. dude says:

      Man, COED staff must be hurtin.

    4. JRA says:

      I wonder if these fuckers are getting too much pussy, to the point that their standards are ridiculously high!

    5. Fred Astaire says:

      I completely agree with these guys. Those girls were beautiful with maybe the exception of one or two and even then none of them are "butterfaces".

    6. realist says:

      They are kinda buttery

    7. phil says:

      To all the ladies out there, please stop getting fake tits unless you have no tits. Ladies, fake boobs suck, I don't hate them but I'll take real ones over fake ones any day. On a side note, most of the girls on this article are pretty damn good looking, and those 5 that are holding their boobs are smoking. I think COED went a little over board with the butterface thing.

    8. bob smith says:

      What? I thought all those bitches were dog ugly! I mean, I would rather cut my own dick and balls off with a tomahawk, use a power drill to turn my taint into a pussy and fuck my brand new, still bloody wound-pussy with my own detached dick than to even get to first base with those disgusting women. I think butterfaces are proof that God hates us and wants us to suffer.

    9. Joey Joe Joe says:

      I think a more interesting phenomenon is girls with huge tits and absolutly no ass.

    10. TROY says:



    11. braintrust3 says:

      be positive and call them buttertits. Ex Not that hot buttertits are insane

    12. partypooper says:

      Pictures of girls who rejected COED staff members

    13. Bood says:

      I think this has the wrong title. "Girls with giant tits who are -at worst- only cute" makes more sense.

    14. Badger says:

      Damn skippy I'd tap every one of those broads. One or two might take a couple of drinks, but I would.

      I really like the pasty white chick with the hunk of metal in her lip. Those puppies point to the sky!

    15. Badgers for Tits says:

      First off, Troy I think your caps lock button is broken, either that or your a dumbass. The only butter faces I see on here would be the group of 5 old skanky hoes walking down the street with their loose saggy vaginas scraping on the ground but other than that they all look good. I think Co-ed just need an excuse to have pictures of a bunch of big tittied girls and then tried to make it mean/ funny when really it made them stupid/assholes

    16. Kevin says:

      There wasn’t one there i wouldn’t want sitting on my face????
      i don’t think these are buttafaces lol

    17. fredbowens@hotmail.c says:

      Yeah, everyone of these I opened up were good to go Ladies, I’d take any of you.

    18. AL says:

      Hey, I’d stick it in 96% of their butts. And I agree, there are only a handful of true butterfaces in that bunch, You’ve obviously never been to Jersey.

    19. Tony says:

      Seriously….this is what passes for a list on this stupid site? Those womens were all more than decent looking and some were downright hot. Dumbasses.

    20. patrick says:

      Seriously though, Waste of time I mean, these girls are really freaking hott

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