Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders Photo Gallery

When it rains as often a it does in Seattle you have to try hard sometimes to find a way to lift your spirits. Monday through Saturday I would say that a venti caramel frappacino from Starbucks would do the trick, but the real relief comes on Sundays during the fall. I’m not talking about the guys on the gridiron, but the gals on the side of it.



    1. […] pushers 61% to 39%, pretty Packers chicks crushed the fine Falcons cheer squad 68% to 32%, and the sexy Sea Gals did what their players couldn’t, defeating Sarah Spain and other hot Bears girls 68% to 32%. […]

    2. […] Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders Photo Gallery : COED Magazine Nov 25, 2010 … Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders (11). Photo by Ben Kerns. Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders 13 … […]

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