The 25 Sexiest Women You Didn’t Know Are Native American

With Thanksgiving bearing down on us like an unmanned train full of volatile chemicals that only Denzel Washington and Chris Pine can stop, it’s time for us to reflect on those things for which we’re grateful. As you can probably tell from out Thanksgiving Poca-Hotness feature, Native American women top our list. Women like our very own Miss COED Sahar Khadjenoury. But, there’s a cornucopia of hot celebrities you didn’t know were Navajo…or Cherokee…or Sioux. Let us show you!

#25 – Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon’s a very hot vegetarian who made every guy’s memory bank with a mind blowing scene in American Pie then fell off the face of the earth only to strike it big in poker then waltz her way back into the national spotlight on Dancing With The Stars. Her mom’s Irish, English, German, and Cherokee.

#24 – Fergie

She’s hot, she’s not, hot, not, hot, not. Some say she’s a dude, others think she’s irresistible. The never-ending debate over Fergie will rage on until we meet our makers. Fergie’s maker added a dash of good ol’ Native American to the mix. We’re guessing that’s the part that lands her on hot lists.

#23 – Jennifer Tilly

Like fellow Native American Shannon Elizabeth, Jennifer’s a poker hottie whose same sex sex scene with Gina Gershon in Bound made our 10 Movies That Will Get You Laid list. You might’ve heard her seductive hiss when she voiced Bonnie, the forever pregnant wife of Joe on Family Guy. Her mom’s Irish and Native American…what is UP with that combo?!? Did we miss a Lord of the Rain Dance orgy or something?

#22 – Hunter Tylo

Born Deborah Jo Hunter in Fort Worth, Texas, Hunter is best known for her role on the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful. She was cast in Melrose Place but was fired because she was pregnant and sued Aaron Spelling. Her mom’s of Cherokee descent. Man, those Cherokee women are super “friendly”, am I right all you Irish, Scottish, and German immigrants?

#21 – Kristen Chenoweth

This award-winning actress, singer, and best-selling author has appeared on Broadway in the play Wicked and on TV shows The West Wing, Pushing Daisies, and Glee. We highly suggest renting “Four Christmases” to see her play the sister of Reese Witherspoon’s character. She was born in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma as a result of Broken Rubber. Haha, we made up that last part about the malfunctioning contraceptive.

#20 – Malese Jow

Malese is a 19 year old actress-singer/songwriter best known for playing a fashionista on Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous and a teen vampire on CW’s The Vampire Diaries. You might’ve seen her as Alice Cantwell in The Social Network, yet she refuses to accept our friend request. WTF. Her mom’s of Cherokee descent. Before the 19th Century, polygamy was common amongst the Cherokee. Okay… this is like picking players for your basketball team… we’ll take Malese, Vanessa, Moore, Biel, and everyone else on this list.

#19 – Mickie James

We featured Mickie in our coverage of the WWE Divas Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot pictorial and in the Confessions of a Wrestling Fanatic. She’s a five time WWE Women’s Champion who’s now in the TNA Wrestling organization. She also released a country music album in May of this year. She’s part Powhatan, which a Virginian tribe. They say Virginia’s for lovers. Well, we’d love to slip ourselves a Mickie.

#18 – Traci Bingham

Traci’s best known for her stint on Baywatch, her pictorials in Playboy, VH1′s The Surreal Life and her nice melons. Her dad’s Cherokee and Italian. I wonder if fist pumping is allowed during rain dances.

#17 – Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Salli’s birthday is TODAY (11/23)! Happy birthday, Salli. She’s best known for her roles in A Low Down Dirty Shame, The Great White Hype, Antwone Fisher, the Anacondas sequel, and I Am Legend as the wife of Will Smith’s character. Her mom’s African-American and Cherokee. I feel like the Cherokees are the Caucasians of the Native American world only not as oppressive and privileged. Uh, moving along…

#16 – Angie Harmon

Angie’s best known for her stint on NBC’s Law & Order and being married to former New York Giants cornerback Jason Sehorn. You can find her on our list of the hottest Texans. Her dad’s Irish, Scottish, and Cherokee, which is probably a huge reason why Sehorn never signed with the Redskins. Ouch, Washington, D.C. Very ouch.

#15 – Ciara

Much like Fergie, Ciara’s been labeled with the unjustified “man” tag, Ciara has been the subject of sex change rumors ever since 2005. One thing sure not to change is her Native American heritage. She’s also, German, Creole, and Irish – her name’s even Irish for “dark” which is where her sexuality was for a while. That’s not right. We apologize. She’s a chick and she’s hot. You can ogle without concern, guys.

#14 – Ursula Mayes

Ursula was case #5 on Deal or No Deal for four seasons. She’s set to appear as one of Santa’s Helpers on two episodes of NBC’s Minute To Win It. She’s also appeared in Muscle & Fitness, Maxim, Stuff, Elle, Esquire, and FHM. She was the cover model for Juiced 2, appearing in their commercials as well. People named her one of the 100 most beautiful people. We featured her as one of the most bodacious babes of BETUS. You can also see her on Ask Men and Made Man’s Chickipedia. Her dad’s German and Native American and never experimented with sea creatures, which is why this Ursula is not some evil queen of the sea.

#13 – Cameron Diaz

She’s a sexy celebrity stoner, a pro weed chick who is eco-friendly and looks super in a Supergirl costume. In her Playboy interview, she stated she’d get on a plane in a heartbeat for a hard-on, which would explain her hook up with A-rod and her placement on our WAGs of the 2010 MLB LCS list. Her mom’s German and Native American and in 2005 there were reports she’d marry Justin Timberlake in a Native American dress. PowWOW!

#12 – Kari Wuhrer

Kari’s a 43 year old actress and singer whose TV credits include parts on Married With Children, Swamp Thing, Beverly Hills 90210, a couple CSIs and General Hospital. Her film credits include a sh*t ton of B-movies and horror/action movies like Anaconda, Eight Legged Freaks, and Beastmaster 2. Holy Taco featured her in their weekly MILF Mondays feature and you can find her on Chickipedia. She’s of German and Cherokee descent.

#11 – Mandy Moore

Like many other women on our list, she has a habit of dating Ass-getting Assclowns, but there’s not a shot in hell we hold that against her. We would like to hold something against her but we don’t want to make her blush (or laugh at us). Moore’s father is of Irish and Cherokee descent. The Cherokees historically settled in the southeast U.S. and are the largest of the tribes in the nation. The more you know! (*cue shooting star graphic*)

#10 – Carmen Electra

This future Golden Girl is sexy no matter where she is or what she’s wearing. Whether it’s in a mugshot, in a sweater, a towel, or bodypaint. She recently made an appearance at the ARIAs (Australian Recording Industry Awards) but is best known for showing her AREOLAs in Playboy. Her mom’s of German and Native American descent but she makes this list because she has her own line of stripper poles.

#9 – Demi Moore

We featured Demi in our list of the 99 Sexiest Ladies of the 80s and our feature on Hot-Ass Hollywood Cougar Tails. Somehow, after 5 years, she’s still married to Ashton Kutcher despite allegations he’s been cheating on her with some 21 year old chick. Demi’s the elder Moore of Cherokee descent on this list. We want more of Moore & Moore. That should be a sitcom… or at least a lesbian buddy cop softcore flick on Skinemax.

#8 – Vanessa Hudgens

We at COED haven’t seen a single minute of her work, so why do we love her? Maybe it was her nude pics or the fact she washes her face with a vibrator or she’s co-starring in the best “dude” film of 2011. Her dad’s Irish and Native American. Invention alert: peace pipe that doubles as a funnel.

#7 – Karen McDougal

Karen was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for December 1997 and Playmate of the Year in 1998. She was voted the second sexiest Playmate of the 90s in 2001 and was the first woman to appear on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine. She’s of… wait for it… Cherokee and Irish descent. Those two groups absolutely LOVE each other. Or maybe they just don’t like condoms?

#6 – Charisma Carpenter

She was on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and she posed for Playboy. Like Megan Fox, she was also rumored to be the next Wonder Woman. She’s of Cherokee descent, so we’re hoping to take her “off road” for a “good ride.” We’re drowning in double entendres over here!

#5 – Beyonce

She makes songs that no guy will admit to owning and is an inspiration to single ladies everywhere. She’s also on our list of most bangable chicks in music despite being Jay-Z’s wifey. Her mom’s of Creole descent, part African, Native American, and French. Your mom’s got a bold scent… BUTTERSCOTCH!

#4 – Megan Fox

Megan recently married her on-and-off bf Brian Austin Green and handed off her role as lead hot girl in the Transformers franchise to Rosie Huntington. She’s one our 50 Most Popular Women On the Web and has been photographed by the absolute man Terry Richardson. We were pumped when rumor spread she might be the next Wonder Woman and we questioned those who called her a freakshow for her thumbs. We give her double thumbs up for being a dreamweaver.

#3 – Jessica Alba

This Girl of Machete and eco-friendly actress has perfected the ass-out pose prompting numerous copycats. DNA tests on Lopez Tonight (really?) showed she’s 13% Native American while other sites report her grandmother was Quebecois, the Native Americans of the Great White North (Canada). One thing’s for sure, she really likes to jiggle. Wait ’til her kids watch her on Sesame Street.

#2 – Jessica Biel

She was one of our TV Characters You Wanted To Hook Up With as the good girl gone bad on 7th Heaven and she looks wicked hot in a wifebeater. She’s also one of the most dangerous women on the web. An interview with People revealed she’s Choctaw, a tribe originally from the Southeast. Most Choctaw supported the Colonies’ bid for independence from the British. We support Jessica’s independence from the tyranny of her clothes.

#1 – Carrie Underwood

Speaking of WAGs, since marrying hockey player Mike Fisher she’s become one of the 50 sexiest WAGs in the world. Not only is she one of the hottest girls in country music but one of the most bangable in the entire music industry as well. Of course, Mr. Fisher might bang your face with his fist if you try anything, but you have free will, do what you want. She’s of Muscogee or Creek descent. Her ancestors once had a land dispute with the Choctaw. We say let her and Biel settle this in the mud wrestling ring.



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    2. Mike Fogarty says:

      You're never too old to play cowboys and indians.

    3. Brandon says:

      Here's another similar list I saw a few weeks ago that actually doesn't have that much overlap (except for the big ones, who if they weren't on the list would be blasphemy) of the 30 Hottest Native American Women (or as they call it "Women of Native American Descent".

    4. gfsdg says:

      I think it is more likely to be just plain wrong. Quebecois are french speaking WHITEYS of the Great White North, not its natives.

    5. […] Check out Mandy Moore in our list of The 25 Sexiest Women You Didn’t Know Are Native American. […]

    6. Jason says:

      Yes it's wrong. Quebecois is just French for someone or some thing from Quebec. It's an adjective…not a tribe.

      1. Feather-in-his-goat says:

        No, it is actually a Canadian Indian tribe, not an American. They were very wild some times, now they are civilized.

    7. Rob says:

      This is dumbest, fucking list Ive seen. If you go by parents ancestry then ALL spanish people are indians. You dumb fucks.

      1. mortician says:

        sorry WHAT?

      2. Jose says:

        Sorry Bud…All spanish people are spanish, from spain. My parents are from central and south america. my ancesters never mixed with the Indians. So yes, I am North American, with parents from Central and South America. Grandparents and great grand parents who migrated from Europe (Spain). And no, no Indian blood in me. My heratage goes back to Spain.

      3. Leila says:

        Rob learn your history. Spanish people are from Spain. Hispanics in Central American and Mexico have mixed ancestry. Some are mixed with black and Spanish, white and Spanish, and some are mixed with Mexican and Central American Indian with Spanish. But Spanish is just Spanish that were once people migrating across Europe.

    8. Gary says:

      What utter crap – if you are going to spout this dreck about "native Americans" why not show pictures of real native American women. And just to lay it out on the line – describing Jessica Alba as being 13% of anything doesn't float – that isn't mathmatically possible in genetics! One could be full blooded – 100%, 50%, 25% or (1/4th), 12.5% (1/8th) , a16th, a 32nd, a 64th – BUT NOT 13.5%. Who wrote this junk –

      1. will says:

        12.5 rounds to 13.

      2. Jimenez says:

        You have no idea. Those percentages – though I don't think they're valid as such – they are certainly possible, especially in genetics. It may be a surprise for you, but you don't inherit equal parts genetically from all your ancestors. What you talk about is genealogy or bloodlines, but in genetics it's different. A person can be a quarter Native American, if that person has a full blooded NA grandparent, but that does not mean that he or she is 25% Native American from a genetically perspective, it can easily be much more or much less, and 13% is definitely possible with multi generational mixes like Mexicans. Unfortunately most people know nothing about genetics, so they just assume that she's 1/8 Indigenous American, but that's just not the case. It could even be the case that their references are based on USA Native Americans rather than Mexican Natives, and as such the percentage may be even more misleading, or even very wrong.

        But you have to remember, she doesn't just have one single Indigenous Mexican ancestor, she has many on multiple lineages through her father, so even if it was inherited as equal parts, which it isn't, she could still be 13% Indigenous.

        This is totally different from those actors who claim that they have a single NA or Cherokee ancestor several generations back. This woman probably has many, but none of them are in her immediate ancestry, because Mexicans are mixed through hundreds of years – although there are still Indigenous Mexicans. She is not a Native American, but she does have substantial Indigenous Mexican ancestry, and it is also visible in her looks.

        Obviously, the article is wrong because it says that they ARE Native American, but they are mostly of Euro descent in reality.

    9. TrinaMarie says:

      I am a saulteaux/Cree woman from Canada…..and clearly these are white girls….and this is very offensive on so many levels…even the comments of some are derogatory….referring the rain dance is offensive for it is a very sacred dance in the Cree/ Saulteaux ways….before you try write something please do more researching because you are so wrong

      1. Kali says:

        Yes, they are mostly of European descent, but who are you to deny them part of their heritage? That is the same kind of wrong as what some Europeans did to the Native American people. Robbing people of their heritage or identity, to any degree, is wrong.

        I agree, though, that the author should not call them "Native Americans" outright. I am 1/8th and I actually have a connection to the tribe my grandma belonged to (it's not some distant, rumored ancestry), but I never call myself "Native American". I am what I am: a mixed person descended from various European groups along with a smaller amount of Native American ancestry. I don't need a label, but I still like to know where I came from.

        This idea that everybody fits into nice little groups like black, white, native american, or asian is a fallacy on so many levels. First of all, all the groups on the planet are so mixed to begin with and it is impossible to say where one "race" ends and another begins. Then there is the fact that so many of us are of recent mixed ancestry.

        People love their labels, though. From someone like you these women get labeled "white girls", whereas I guarantee that some stupid white supremacist would call many of them "filthy mulattoes" or "clearly not truly white".

        Oh well, I guess that is the way of it. Mixed people always end up getting hated on by all sides. To the white person you aren't white enough, to the native person you aren't Native enough….or whatever the mix may be, that is usually the way things go.

    10. barrydezzel says:

      they are hot who gives a f*ck what race they are

    11. CherokeeLiars says:

      I grew up near a reservation and had a lot of native american friends as a kid.

      "Cherokee" is a big joke on the Res because every white person they meet tells them they are 1/8th cherokee or some BS like that. I don't believe anyone who says they are cherokee.

      1. Try coming to Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Our street signs are written in Cherokee.

      2. Kali says:

        You can talk crap about people all you want, but it doesn't change the facts. The Cherokee are a real Native American people that just happen to be the largest tribe in the US.

        It is also a fact that there was quite a lot of intermarriage between Cherokee and Europeans. There are a ton of full blooded Cherokee people, though.

        I am 1/8th Cherokee without a shadow of a doubt. My family on my dad's side is from Oklahoma and my great grandfather was a full blooded Cherokee who married an Irish woman.

        Ignorant people like you don't know anything about the tribe. I don't profess to be "Native American" or any other label, but I see nothing wrong with knowing about where you come from. I'm mixed, like many people are, and I have every right to hold on to any part of my heritage I want to. I am French, Irish, Cherokee, Welsh and Wampanoag. Those are the groups my ancestors came from and who are you to tell me I should disavow any one of them?

        By the way, half of my friends are full bloods from different tribes and some of them had that attitude at first until they learned more about the history of the Cherokee. Yes, I am sure there are some people out there that are mistaken about having Native ancestry or are lying about it, but that doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of people in this country with Native ancestry.

    12. Taxpayer says:

      Humm I am native American I was born here !!!

    13. DRF says:

      I am a paiute native american and cherokees are a big joke nobody but another white person would believe them. my grandpa for instance was told by a white guy hanging arond a native smokeshop hes cherokee and he told him and your wife is a cherokee princess im guessing lol….. this is all bs and offensive. YOUR NOT NATIVE AMERICAN UNLESS YOU HAVE PROOF OTHER THAN SAYING YOUR DESCENT FROM A TRIBE LIKE A ENROLLMENT CARD FOR INSTANCE!!!!!!!

      1. ladyhrist says:

        I totally agree, most of the people I've met who claim they have Cherokee blood are middle-class, white, and privileged, and the only "native american" people they've ever seen was the last time they saw Dances With Wolves on TBS.

      2. Neal - Johns Hopkins says:

        Who do you think should be on our list of Hottest Native Americans then? Or should we never have one?

      3. Leila says:

        Agreed. We researched our geneology so I know I have Creek way back in the line but I don't go around claiming to be Native American. Nearly every American that has been in this country for generations can trace their ancestors back and have one or two Native Americans in their line. I think the most dilute I would still consider Native American are great grandparents. Other than that, you are American. How about some real Native American girls on this list!

      4. Kali says:

        Look, you can make jokes about people all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that there are quite a few Americans that have Cherokee descent.

        First of all, it is a well known historical fact that there was quite a lot of intermarriage between Cherokee people and Europeans, especially Scottish and Irish. You can joke about it all you want, but it is a fact. There are a lot of Cherokee people with European blood and there are also a lot of other Americans–whites and blacks–that have Cherokee blood. Of course there are also a lot of full blooded Cherokee people.

        For example, I know for a fact that I am 1/8th Cherokee. It's not some wishful thinking. My family is from Oklahoma and my great grandfather was pure blooded Cherokee and he married an Irish woman. My grandma was only half, but she looked more full blooded most people said. I also have Wampanoag ancestry on my mom's side, but that is further back.

        Now I am not saying that there aren't some people that are mistaken about having Native ancestry or just make it up for whatever reason, but at the same time there are a lot of people that DO have legitimate Native ancestry in this country. The mixing and intermarriage wasn't nearly as common in the US as it was in parts of Latin America, but it did happen to a much greater extent than many people realize.

    14. Dwayne says:

      The list is hot garbage. The real shame is that native American people are virtually invisible in American life.It speaks to the fact that they have been made extinct in terms of popular culture in modern America.

    15. artichokeman says:

      the mother of the first one on the list is said to be "Irish, English, German, and Cherokee"… Sorry, how does that make her daughter a native american? A few things that strike me as crazy- first, the idea that anyone should even be keeping score when it comes to race- second, that if you have one drop of "minority" blood that cancels out the other 95% of your dna, and third, that of a genetic makeup which might be 50% North American of European descent, 12.5% German, 12.5% English, 12.5% Irish and 12.5% Cherokee.. the tiniest amount of Cherokee in the mix gives the person the ability to proudly announce "I'm actually Cherokee" while shopping for yams. It's like Obama- who's half white-whatever that means- being considered a black man. The fact that none of us are really pure blooded anything should make us stop trying to label everyone in such a simplistic way. It seems to me that Americans are more obsessed with the one drop of minority blood than anyone else, but aside from using it as a physical description like Tall or Short… I mean, does every tall, white, blonde person have to feel connected to their Viking roots? No? We just say they are tall and that's good enough. I'm Irish (actual Irish, not 1/8th Irish) and for me, ff an American tells me "Oh, I'm Irish too" I just think- no, you're not. You're American. It might be a big country, and maybe people like to identify with a more specific group, but then why are there so many more Americans saying "I'm Irish" or "I'm Italian" and I never hear anyone say "I'm English", when if you want to keep track of race, then most Americans descend from the English… but because English isn't considered a minority, then it doesn't count? Ok rant over…

      1. Kristi says:

        Where do you get that most American's are of English descent? Just because The English were the first to colonize here? I am American but my Granparents were born in Italy and the others in Ireland and I am proud of that hertiage. So let me ask you this If a person is born in Germany but all his grandparents were born in Russia but he spent half his life in America — what is he? Where is the line drawn. America's a melting pot of all races and if people are proud of their heritage there is nothing wrong with claiming that blood running through their veins (diluted or not)

    16. pmoose says:

      If this were about any other group we'd be calling it racist. Ugly stuff going on here. The bad Indian jokes. I mean, what's next, a comment about Beyonce and her love of watermelon?

    17. Deanna says:

      I am a mix of two many native tribes and just, because I am not famous no one is looking or cares. Yet I don't go telling people that I am Native American, or that I got my DNA done to prove it. I like peace and being on the down low, because no one has to know………………

    18. pooh4brnz says:

      Cherohonkey power. Like to see them live on the Res and earn their fake titles. Bet they can’t even see the disrespect these white people are perpetrating with their fraud. Nothing hot about that.

    19. Rocket says:

      Who wrote this list? Don Imus? Rush Limbaugh? This is on the border of being porn. Is that what we're still doing to Native Americans? Exploiting them? In this case, the women? Bleached blonde, nude, slutty photos. Were there no other photos of these women that could have been posted? I agree, why not show photos of real Native American women. The stereotypes and stupid "Indian" jokes here show nothing but really bad taste. Give me a break.

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