15 Frightening Justin Bieber Photoshop Fakes [Photos]

Though none of us here at the office willingly admit to owning his songs, Justin Bieber definitely has a place at COED. Several places actually. Like “25 Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber“, “Un-Bielieberly Awesome Justin Bieber Fan Art“, and the “15 Most Dangerous Women on the Web“. Today, we present a possible remedy for your Bieber Fever with 15 photoshopped pics that might knock JB off our “50 Most Popular Women On The Web” list.

















  1. @Binku says:

    Sexiest ever! =P

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  3. Habibies says:

    heheheh……… sexy justine bieber ;)

  4. Nick says:

    Fuuuuck, I'd do the number one one…

  5. So hot Justin bieber ;)

  6. amy says:

    lol, pedobear :D

  7. veronica says:

    bitch who ever made this …hope ……u _________…

  8. DustinGrieber says:

    Last one really suits him xD

  9. ur mum says:

    i just noticed justin bieber looks like miley cyrus

  10. He Actually Looks Better As A Girl!

  11. @zenkblog says:

    Booobiesss <333

  12. Justin Pedober says:

    hee hee, pedobear :)

  13. Cheese says:

    OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN!!! my eyes are bleeding why why why did i looked at these pics

  14. ciera cheatham says:

    wow…..people these days..they really need 2 get a life. jus sayin.

    1. nono says:

      i think people like you who SEARCH UP these pictures intentionally and then leaves comments saying that people needs a life needs a life.

    2. Nyx says:

      Hm..yah i agree..xD

  15. xino says:

    Haha nice :)

    gay kid

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    1. gopser says:

      heeeey nice ;) finally someone took the best song in the world,and putted it here ;)

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  18. Boo says:

    Add more, please.

    Lmao. This is hilarious.

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