The 6 Hottest Chicks That Can Kick Your Ass

Remember that one girl in P.E. with the pug face who could bench 225lbs and had more body hair than you did? You knew she could take you but that didn’t seem to bother you or anyone else because she was ‘one of the guys’. Forget about her – now. These lovely ladies may be easy on the eyes but don’t be mistaken; these hot chicks can kick your ass, too!

Gina Carano

She’s competed in MMA, acted in Hollywood movies, and was even an ‘American Gladiator’. In May 2009, it was announced that Carano was ranked #16 in Maxims Hot 100 list. Don’t let her looks fool you, her only loss in her pro career came to that girl from your high school gym class.

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Erin Toughill

Formerly the #2-ranked 145-pound female fighter in the world according to the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings, Erin Toughill has the skills to twist you like a pretzel and dunk you in chocolate. Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound that bad after all.

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Kyra Gracie

The last name says it all: Gracie. As part of the legendary Gracie family, Kyra is one of the only women to get a black belt in Brazilian JuJitsu. She’s got over 25 BJJ awards and a body that would make your girlfriend want to get back to Curves.

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Michelle Waterson

This bad girl earned the nickname ‘The Karate Hottie’ by breaking faces and hearts. She’s a mixed martial artist and a model – not too shabby. Think you’d like to tap that? Then you’re in luck; Over half of her wins end up with her making her opponents tap out – that’s about you close as you’ll get bro.

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LaTasha Marzolla

In what appears to be a great combination of boobs and biceps, Marzolla has made a name for herself inside the cage and out. She’s appeared in numerous Playboy special editions, was named 2004 Model of the Year and even won a few MMA fights. Mess with her and she’ll distract you with her knockers while her fists put you to sleep.

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Miesha Tate

I think it’s safe to ASSume you aren’t even reading this. I’m right, aren’t I? Just a bunch of stupid words below an ass so smokin’, you don’t even care she’s on a 5 fight win streak.

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