Prince William’s Kate Middleton Bikini Pics

If you haven’t heard yet, Prince William is done chasing tail. He officially announced his engagement to Kate Middleton who will use her birth name Catherine Elizabeth when she becomes the next Princess of England. Fun fact, she’ll also be the first Queen of England with a college degree. Reports state the couple, both 28, first announced their engagement over Twitter – how regal! They first met in 2001 at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland where they majored inĀ  Art History. William apparently gave her his mother’s ring, his mom being former Princess Diana. She’s not exactly a Beauty Queen Gone Wild, but Kate’s hot enough to be a Bond Girl.



    1. Zach says:

      After checking out Kate a bit the only thing the Prince needed to work on figuring out about Kate was the goings on between her ears, because heaven knows she has that tight little ass well in hand.. i'll bet Kate is the first ever HOT to be getting married to a future British King..

    2. royalferret says:

      She won't be the Princess of England – that's like calling Obama the president of Hawaii. On the day of the wedding, Her Maj will probably create them both Duke and Duchess of something or other, and she'll be know as the Duchess of Whatsit (although she will also be a Royal Princess).

    3. zachary says:

      will has a boner

    4. Republican says:

      With but few exceptions, hasn't history generally shown that commoners who ascend into royalty make the better monarchs, rather than the idle and shiftless who come by it through birthright inheritance? Or does genetics really prove that the chip is as good as the block?

    5. Tina Hal says:

      Well if she has good bikini body, then check out her sister's Pippa Middleton butt and body. She deserves to be queen too.

    6. norven peret says:


    7. Jessie says:

      So Kate was topless with her little boobbies, big deal, just about everybody in Europe goes topless, I don't see the problem, just because she's almost royalty should not make a difference, she's still a European, go on a vacation to Spain, everybody is topless, what is the big deal, just because she's almost married to a prince. Stiff and outdated Britts, let her be toplesss, no big deal. She should have taken everything off.

      1. Tito says:

        agreeeeee>>>>>no big deal

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