25 Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber [PHOTO GALLERY]

Though none of us here at the office willingly admit to owning his songs, Justin Bieber definitely has a place at COED. Several places actually. Like “25 Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber“, “Un-Bielieberly Awesome Justin Bieber Fan Art“, and the “15 Most Dangerous Women on the Web“. Today, we present a possible remedy for your Bieber Fever with 25 Lesbians Who Look Like The Bieb… that might just knock JB off our “50 Most Popular Women On The Web” list.






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    1. […] his songs, Justin Bieber definitely has a place at COED. Several places actually. Like “25 Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber“, “Un-Bielieberly Awesome Justin Bieber Fan Art“, and the “15 Most […]

    2. Persona says:

      Bieber fever gone wrong!!!!

    3. Lexii says:

      none of them look like justin bieber! stop hating and get a life!

      1. Tyler says:

        Dude, Justin Bieber is gay, its soooo obvious, that song baby yeah talking bout a boy, in the video, he tried his best not to kiss the camera guy. I HATE Justin Bieber, he is sooo stupid. He is not good looking, he stupid, AND he’s gay, so im gonna hate if i want to!!

    4. […] 25 Lesben, die aussehen wie Justin Bieber. Ja, wer es braucht… […]

    5. Alyssa says:

      Just saying, but my ex-girlfriend looks WAAAYYYY more like Justin Bieber than ANY of these tools.

    6. Tom says:

      phwoar, I think I have a thing for Justin Beiber girls…

    7. Jem Frost says:

      I think 19 and 5 would. If 5 died their hair the resemblance would be scary.

    8. bree<3 says:

      dude like none of these people even look like him and you honestly need to get a life because your making fun of these people and justin bieber, its rude and i feel bad for who ever made this because obviously you dont have a life if you wasted your time looking for pictures.<3[:

    9. dangerous says:

      i salute d person who made this!!! Justin beiber is so gay!!! keep up d brilliant work of collectin such pics!!! Bree<3 get a life!!!

    10. junkfoodie says:


    11. veronica says:

      u all r bitches u r just jelous of him …..wowo …..hating on a 16 year old tht is more talented and more succesfull thn ull ever be…………………..

      1. kenzie says:

        ya thts y he is a popular list with a bunch of women

      2. Diego says:

        Yeah thats why he only has a singing career because of his father. He isn't even talented

      3. person says:

        what the heak? He grew up mostly with his mother. His dad had like no part in his career

      4. emma says:

        successful, yes. talented, a big N-O.

      5. LORD XERAS says:

        Except I have an IQ that's twice of his/hers, I can play seven instruments and I can sing twice as good. so no, I'm not jealous.

      6. brendan says:

        obviously you don't know many famous people.
        (p.s. they fucking hate him)
        (p.s.s. i mean person know them)

      7. Fu Ck Bieber says:

        you, mam, are an idiot. the only reason little girls like you like him is because he's a popular teen star. he's an immature, pampered, boastful brat and THAT'S why I hate him. We're not jealous. Far from it. If I had his voice I'll be sad and depressed and I'd have to commit suicide.

      8. das says:

        your right;))

    12. plies says:

      lol.. this is crazy.. if they are gay, why dress up like bieber.. is it to get young who like him to you/?? they are straight to like bieber…

      but lol.. justin bieber at #7 of 50 most popular women on web

    13. Rufina says:

      Number 14 and 10 are kind of cute! ^ ^

    14. L0D says:

      LOL #21 has a huge cock growing out of his head

      1. Lando Bate says:

        whats funny is I am #21, and I am a dude haha, that was taken when i was in high school lmao

      2. LandoBate says:

        and yes it is a condom tip on the top of my head. I was a condom for halloween

    15. sAM says:

      at #25 ITS A JEW IN THE BACK!!!


    17. Minor says:


    18. lilybubbs says:

      justin biebers a fagg.
      i worship who made this XD

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