2010 Veterans Day Bodypaint Babe Bonanza [PICS]

(photo courtesy of Thom Engel @

Today, we want to thank all the good men and women of the United States armed services who’ve sacrificed for the security of our nation. COED wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for them.  And you can do the same by sending care packages to our troops overseas, helping homeless veterans or participating in today’s Veterans Day festivities. We, on the other hand, decided to gather up a bunch of hot chicks in armed services-related bodypaint. Yeah, it’s awesome.

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    1. Sharmota_Egy says:

      2010 Veterans Day Bodypaint Babe Bonanza [PICS]

      :) Enjoyment ;)

    2. trans am says:

      i salute every one of those girls.

    3. […] Bunch of hoes wearing nothing but body paint […]

    4. Dave says:

      Bodypaint just became my favorite evening and casual attire. I hope to see it often.

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