The 13 Greatest Beer Commercials From The Past 15 Years

Beer commercials typically employ hot chicks and funny dudes to get you to buy their product. Some companies try to highlight their “innovative” packaging while others tend to hone in on what it means to be a dude. The following commercials do a great job of relating to the target demo without trying too hard.

Budweiser’s “Wassup?” (1999)

Who can forget this simple, but hilarious commercial where a bunch of  dudes sit around watching the game saying “Wazzzzzzzzzup!” The commercial was so popular it spawned numerous spinoffs for Italians, aliens, and many other groups in addition to be spoofed in movies like Scary Movie.

Bud Light’s “Wine and Cheese”(2008)

Every dude can relate to this. Your girlfriend drags you to some boring wine and cheese party with her and there are no beers. Who would ever guess that a six pack is hidden in a block of cheese? Clever.

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Miller Lite’s “Catfight” (2002)

2 ladies fighting over beer, a man’s fantasy gone wrong. But still hot!

Budweiser’s “Frogs”(1995)

Budweiser strikes again as marketing genius proving that anyone can sell their products, even a frog.

Bud Light’s “Real Men of Genius” (1999)

The voice over guy. Former Survivor lead singer echoing the voice over guy with the killer vocals. It’s no wonder you can still hear these commercials on the radio. They never get old. Mr. Never Get Tired Of Hearing Survivor’s Lead Singer Echo The Voice Over Guy’s Narration Guy

Bud Light’s “Dude” (2007)

Sometimes the funniest scenes, moments, or encounters are the simplest. Who knew one word could be used in so many different ways? Well, we knew f*ck or sh*t could, but Bud Light made “dude” the universal response to all your daily plot points.

Coors Light’s NFL Coaches Press Conferences (2006)

How do these guys keep getting into these press conferences? Now, they’re in the coach’s booth! Whenever a coach flips out or makes an infamous statement, you know it’ll end up selling more of the Silver Bullet. From Denny Green’s meltdown to Mora’s “playoffs?!?” Coors Light has managed to capture the very best gems from some of the most classic press conferences and sideline rants.

Bud Light’s Jackie Moon Cross Promotion (2008)

Semi-Pro released in late February 2008. To build hype for the movie, Bud Light used the player/coach/owner of the Flint Tropics as their spokesperson for their Super Bowl commercial with hilarious results.

Foster’s “Australian For Beer” (2009)

Yes, the original campaign that taught Americans how to speak australian launched in the 80s and ran for more than a decade, but Foster’s brought it back last fall. Still waiting for the spot that tells me how to say, “one night stand” in Australian.

Jack Rabbit Light’s “If This Is Light Beer…” (2010)

You’ve seen that scene in Ace Ventura Pet Detective where Ace finally figures out Einhorn is Finkle? Multiply that by 5.

Bud Light’s “Swear Jar” (2007)

Tried implementing this at the office. Anyone hiring?

Guinness’ “Share One With A Friend” (2008)

… or two. Wow. I can’t even see this spot airing on Skinemax, but it should. This is the beer Mitch’s girlfriend in Old School would drink. NOTE: So, okay, it’s not a real ad. Most real ads suck.

Guinness’ “Rhythm of Life” (2005)

THIS one IS real. Guinness covers the evolution of mankind while showing you how powerful their beer is under a minute. Now if that doesn’t deserve number one, I don’t know what does…except…

Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man In The World” (2007)

“He speaks perfect French… in Russian.” I mean, does it get any better than these gems? Chuck Norris, eat your heart out. “You have to RESIST TO THE URGE TO SAY THANK YOU when he PUNCHES YOU IN THE FACE!” That’s GOLD! You can see a montage here. For a full list of Most Interesting Man In The World facts, go here.

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