Shakira’s Sexiest Music Videos

There comes a time in the music world where we get a wave of the “Latin Sensation”. In the past we’ve had Gloria Estefan, Selena, and J-Lo. As the aforementioned was a thing of the past, we now have a sensation that trumps the former and her name is Shakira. She’s sexy, can dance and actually has a good voice. To celebrate the release of her latest album, “The Sun Comes Out” last month, COED culled together her sexiest videos. Our hips don’t lie either.

La Tortura feat. Alejandro Sanz

Shakira’s body is covered in oil, gyrating her hips and is giving the “I want you in my pants” eyes. Definitely a must watch.

Whenever, Wherever

In this video, Shakira reminds us not to confuse her small and humble breasts to mountains as she crawls through the mud to get her point across.

Objection (Tango)

Modernize salsa with ripped stockings, rocker chick and Shakira wrestling a big-boobed bimbo. If that doesn’t interest you, there are two superheroes that fight a brute who cheat on Shakira.

She Wolf

If you think the other videos have deemed Shakira as sexy you might want to pull out the box of tissues for this one. Shakira is clad in a nude suit and flexes and bends in very sexual positions. She’s also dancing in a jail cell if that makes things interesting.

Beautiful Liar

Not only do we have Shakira, but Beyonce has decided to join in on the sexy train. They dance in sync and we see the midriffs of two sexy ladies.

Hips Don’t Lie

If you ignore Wyclef and the parade, you’ll notice Shakira’s solos and spreading her legs a few times to get you hot and bothered.


What doesn’t Shakira do that isn’t sexy? Calling you papi, roller skating and riding a motorcycle are just a few things. Also she splashes around in a fountain with leather pants and a bikini top.

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