The 5 Biggest Marijuana Myths Debunked


As marijuana quickly becomes more and more socially acceptable, millions of Americans are beginning to understand the lies that they have been told about pot. Here are the five biggest myths about weed that have prevented any kind of legalization movement from getting on a roll.


1. Marijuana Causes Cancer

Many have said that smoking pot and smoking cigarettes is the same thing and, therefore; marijuana must cause cancer, as well. Not only have countless independent studies disproved this, but some have actually found that marijuana decreased tumor growth by as much as 50%. (Sorry, cigarettes will still kill you.)

2. Marijuana Is Addictive

While prolonged use has shown to leave signs of dependence, marijuana does not actually contain a “nicotine-like” compound that causes it to be addictive. (This is similar to being “addicted” to soda.) There are little to no withdrawal symptoms, especially when compared to the withdrawal effects of drugs like cocaine or heroin – or even an alcohol-induced hangover.

3. Marijuana Is a Gateway Drug

Simply put, numerous studies have unequivocally disproved the idea that using marijuana leads to use of harder drugs. Marijuana has actually successfully been used to reduce hard drug users’ dependence on drugs. So, in reality, it is the exact opposite of a gateway drug.

4. Marijuana Causes Brain Damage

Another myth where the exact opposite thing is true: Not only have studied disproved the idea that marijuana damages your brain, they have found that it actually protects your brain from the damage that heavy drinking can cause.

5. Marijuana Has No Medical Uses

The government has often defended its marijuana policy by citing their own studies that say that marijuana does not have any therapeutic effects. Not true. Aside from the uses listed above, marijuana have been proven to have beneficial effects on people suffering from migraines, glaucoma, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, stomach disorders, and dozens of other health problems.

And, most recently, even the American Medical Association called for the government to remove its restrictive Schedule 1 status.

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    1. John Savage says:

      all i know is POT is GOOD!


    2. Miho Hatori says:

      It might not cause lung cancer, but it was recently linked to testicular cancer!
      Men beware!

    3. This Isn't Righ says:

      When did it become ok for the government to tell us that we cannot smoke a naturally occurring plant. This is total bullshit. If this is truly a democratic system, then listen to the LARGE majority of people demanding legalization. It is NOT the governments place to regulate what people are smoking. We are facing the most prudent financial crisis in the history of our country, and every measure possible to reduce this should be considered. Legalization not only makes logical sense, it would save the country BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars- they could tax it heavily and stop wasting money on jails where 65% of inmates are in on marijuana offenses. Why does the government care? Who are they to tell us we can drink and smoke tobacco, but not marijuana. Bunch of filthy, narrow minded hypocrites!

    4. Roger Bentonfizersti says:

      It should be called "The 5 Most Random and Trivial Myths about Marijuana that are Actually Pretty Subjective and Really Don't Convey Any Kind of Logical Message".

    5. man says:

      oi… fix your spelling mistakes.

    6. Anon says:

      Keep your drugs to yourself. Just because you like them shouldn't mean I have to put up with the damn nuisance of it.

    7. Joe says:

      are you kidding me.. these myths must be from the 30's..

    8. brad says:

      Not happening, anonymous. We're gonna jam the joints right down your throat! Through your monitor!

    9. laughingman says:

      yeah i think that "prolonged use has shown to leave signs of dependence" basically means it can be classified as addictive so maybe scratch that from your list. Or of course keep it on there and look desperate to glamourise weed.

    10. Matt says:

      Long term use has shown to leaves signs of "dependence" but only in the same way that long term use of sugary drinks, or really ANY daily activity has when removed. Imagine if showering every single morning has become a MAJOR part of your life, like, you pride yourself on being clean and smelling nice every morning (yes, hygiene is different from getting high, but its that same daily thing that helps you keep level and makes you know you're starting your day 'right'). Now, imagine NOT being able to shower for a few days. You will feel really, really out of place and strange and want a shower more than anything really, you will crave just getting clean and following that ritual. That is the addictive nature of Cannabis, it works its way into your daily life if you let it, over a long period, and removing that can be 'somewhat' shocking, but can certainly be lived without and you can still for the most part do everything you usually can/do, just, won't feel as great about doing it all.

    11. A stoner wrote this says:

      Smoking anything will give you cancer because smoke damages lung tissue and RNA. This study is dog shit. I hate when stoners write like they know everything about everything. Eating it would probably be better for you. Marijuana was shown to damage lung tissue more than cigarette smoke because the user usually holds it in longer to get high as shit. All you need to do is hear one of your dumbass stoner friends cough to know this. Comparing cigarettes with marijuana is a bad example because they are drastically different substances aside from the fact that you smoke it. Speaking of which, I think the author of this article is retarded and a shitty writer.

    12. huh? says:

      So based on this article, weed is the healthiest thing for you? This is a joke right? Another example of idiots leading idiots.

    13. huh? says:

      Actually, we live in a republic. And no, taxing weed probably wouldnt work well because anyone can grow it, whereas anyone cannot grow and process tobacco because if you do it wrong, the tabbacco plant will poison you. Why am I under the impression that some dave matthews band fan, stoner, bro-rape bitch wrote this?

    14. urkiddingme says:

      1. Marijuana doesnt cause cancer, sure every other single smoke on the planet that humans that have ever inhaled causes cancer BUT my cousin herbert assured me with of course no real studies one night while we were stoned that marijuana actually fixes it. It's a miracle drug.

      2. Marijuana is not addictive. I completely agree with this one. I mean sure if you ask ANYONE, doctors, parents, friend everyone if lets say gambling is addictive everyone will agree yes it is. No chemicals being inhaled just giving your money out for a chance to win is actually addictive and EVERYONE knows it!!!! But an inhaled drug that people use to escape the heartache and worries of everyday and give a chemically induced euphoria. NO there is NO F#&*in way that could be addictive.

      3. Marijuana a gateway drug?? Marijuana is used to help bring people of other more powerful drugs and true if you ask all those people what drug did they do first they will all say marijuana was the first stepping stone and now it is being used as the stone to step back on which kinda defines it as a gateway back and forth but no, we cant look at it that way cuz that doesnt help this article, we have to put a good spin on it instead so we move on to a better one.

      4. HAHA WTF? Ok ok, marijuana doesn't cause brain damage actually the opposite is true? It reduces the effect of heavy drinking? Come on! This doesn't even deserve to be written. i know most people are easy to convince but this should just be a total insult to most people. ok Ill continue with this method of thinking, marijuana can also fully protect the brain in the case of falling from a two story building if the weed is all stacked into a very large pile!!! See i can think of a pointless way marijuana protects the brain too!

      5. Marijuana definitely has medical purposes. It has the purpose of getting people the have pain high so they don't think about it. Sure crack, cocaine, heroine and other drugs have the same effect but this whole article was written by and for potheads so we must conform and follow their standards and say that it helps medically cuz without it we would have to deal with a some natural pain on our own and not get high.

    15. agrrlnamedkim says:

      Wow… you are a very angry person urkiddingme. It's a shame that another cluless person has been brainwahed by the WoD. 4 out of 5 health practitioners recommend the use of marijuana, maybe you should try some. I can't guarantee that it will shrink the stick you have up your ass though… sorry.

    16. jojackpolack says:

      you understand why it is a gateway drug right? people buy pot from their dealer, and their dealer keeps telling them they should try shrooms or x, and sooner or later, they buyer thinks of the dealer as a friend and trusts him/her enough to try it. i dont care for pot either way, but when someone only takes facts "proving" one side, and neglects to mention the othere facts that counteract them, it makes me realize that the person writing it doesnt understand how to approach a topic unbiased.

      1: pot is still horrible for you. it doesnt matter that its "all natural." inhaling any smoke is bad for you and it may not cause lung cancer but still has negative side effects like smoking.

      2: marijuana isnt chemically addictive but is habitualy addcitive, like masterbating. people also lose touch with how to enjoy their lives without smoking if they are heavy users, causing them to light up to relieve the new anxiety.

      3: see above

      4: smoking marijuana with an undeveloped brain causes brain damage, but so does tv.

      5: its a major pain killer. dont see how this is a "myth" tho.

    17. urkiddingme says:

      OK agrrlnamedkim its obvious that you are a heavy stoner and just as a coke fiend would get angry at someone wanting to take his high away I can understand the direct insult. So for your benefit Ill try to explain this to you. I know I'm clueless and all but i think i might be able to think a little better than your drug induced slow headed self. Lets start. Cancer is an abnormal growth of our cells and is in everyone and is naturally occurring all the time BUT our immune system is able to find and destroy it at the time it occurs before it can spread out of control. Now, if something hurts the immune system in a certain area then the cancer will be free to grow out of control til the body can no longer get a handle on it. Example. Too much sun, skin cancer. The sun shines down on the skin and besides light sends radiation which in turn hurts the skins immune system and viola cancer is free to grow!! Now of course there is more to this than just that but i think even you get the jist. Now I'm sorry to have to tell you this but if you inhale smoke, every and ALL kinds, into your lungs then alas the immunity in your lungs will take a beating and cancer will grow. I know its a harsh reality but it is reality. Second smoking pot does cause brain damage as all smoke can. If you ever used a hookah with tobacco you note a good swig from the hose gives you a high. The high you get though isn't from the tobacco its actually caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain. The brain needs a pretty good supply of oxygen almost all the time and if you supplement that oxygen with carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from the burning of the pot and or the papers then you deprive it of that much needed oxygen and the cells will die. So even if whatever your smoking didn't kill any cells the lack of oxygen will.

    18. Grumpy says:

      I am living proof. I have smoked pot daily for over 30 years. I am 50, 2 kids and 3 grandkids. My children do not use drugs, which is pretty amzing considering I smoked grass all their lives. I explained to both my children when they were around 6 years old, why then, not sure other than the seemed to understand things explained to them better starting at this age. I get a check up from my Doctor at least every 2 years (my wife makes me). I have NO obvious damage to my lungs, both physically and appearance. I did not mention to my family doctor that I smoked until after my tests, and it completly suprised her. My point, the individuals who made comments that it does cause cancer etc are just going by gut instinct, probably just on what they read and how they percieve. I am tired of the bullshit, and it is bullshit to say grass is bad. There has been tests done for years, on people such as myself who smoke for many years and they show NO health risks, in fact the only pot smokers who got cancer where cigarette smokers. For the person who made the comment "Keep your drugs to yourself. Just because you like them shouldn’t mean I have to put up with the damn nuisance of it", FUCK YOU your an idiot, you taking the time to read the article and saying this proves your an idiot. Hell you need to smoke some grass, it may improve your outlook.

    19. You're an idiot says:

      4 out of 5 docs recommend it? Are you a joke or what… better find a new doctor who actually knows their stuff… Smoking causes lung, mouth, e.n.t. cancer, not to mention a whole compendium of health complications. This article is a joke right?

    20. urkiddingme says:

      Your are living proof, that's true. Your exactly the type of idiot that tries to make the stuff available and legal for everyone. I'm sick of it, I'm sick of you and everyone like you, just die already so that the future generations don't have to deal with you. Your stupidity makes me literally sick. There are plenty of people out there that would argue that they smoked cigarettes for 60+ years and there lungs are perfect so therefore all the hype about cigarettes causing lung cancer is a lie right? I have plenty of friends whose children grew up on mcdonalds and are relatively thin if not downright skinny, therefore all these studies that say its fattening are just government lies trying to keep us from enjoying that sweet big mac right?

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