The Best Four Loko Videos on YouTube

Image courtesy of Raphael Duck

Boston College administration sent out the obligatory Four Loko warning last week…so did every school in America but what until you see what the student newspaper said about America’s favorite drink! They actually told students to give up drinking Four Loko and start drinking another type of booze, find out what they told students to drink right here.

There are a ton of great Four Loko videos on YouTube, we’ve compiled the best so enjoy!

Dude bongs two Four Loko’s in under 10 seconds!

The Four Loko music video direct from the Hood.

Three gross lesbians review Four Loko

It took this guy 36 seconds to chug a Four Loko? Someone please take the four Loko challenge, video tape it and send us the link. This score is definitely beatable.



    1. Jeremy says:

      Youtube 'four loko challenge' the first video is my friend Skylar doing it in 12 seconds ( Puts your boy Patrick to shame!

    2. dallas daniel hessle says:


    3. Wil says:

      this puts all those video's to shame

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