Sexy Pornstar Halloween Trick or Tweet [144 Twit Pics]

Twitter’s great for keeping up with your favorite personalities. For comedians, you get fresh material. For musicians, you might get the drop on a new album. For athletes, maybe an unfiltered take on how they REALLY feel about the refs. But the best people to follow on Twitter are porn stars. Last week, we showed you the most titillating tweets from adult film star Bree Olson. Today, we bring you the hottest twitpics of porn stars in their Halloween costumes. Run and tweet dat!



    1. Sharmota_Egy says:

      salma hayek is so sexy her in Egypt there's a movie talk about her called "Adult Movie" or "Film Thqafi"

    2. Sharmota_Egy says:

      salma hayek is so sexy here in Egypt there’s a movie talk about her called “Adult Movie” or “Film Thqafi”

    3. the doctor says:

      Yeah that's not April O'Neil, that's poor little Amelia Pond, the little girl that waited for 12 years!

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