Let Timmy Smoke! Lincecum Discusses His Marijuana Usage [Video]

Tim Lincecum is the most famous pothead in Major League Baseball. As he was getting set for game one of the 2010 World Series Lincecum sat down to respond to his Marijuana usage and the infamous “Let Timmy Smoke” shirts.



    1. […] If there’s one thing we love most about every sport, it’s cheerleaders. And believe it or not, baseball actually has cheerleaders! Don’t believe us? Well, just take a gander at these smokin’ hot gals, and you’ll have a whole new reason for singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. And speaking of smokin’, did you watch our video of World Series star Tim Lincecum talking about his Marijuana usage? […]

    2. Jason says:

      This is too cool. I bought my shirt from because of this. They have some killer shirts.

    3. Elon says:

      I got one too at

    4. […] is beneficial to the environment, and doesn’t deter you from being successful (just ask Timmy Lincecum who just won the friggin’ World Series last night), COED has 220 sexy […]

    5. […] mustache could orchestrate some rallies of their own against the facial hair fiasco. Instead of “LET TIMMY SMOKE,” they could say “LET TIMMY SHAVE”! I’m making the shirts already. Yeah, I support […]

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