Amber Leigh Hartman Talks With COED [100 PICS)

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She originally caught our eye during Saturday’s ALCS game between the Rangers and Yankees. We apparently caught HER eye because she messaged us on Twitter stating she was a “good luck charm.” Seeing as the Rangers are up 2-1, we’re not arguing. Since then we posted a gallery of pics from her Facebook profile, which caused Sports Illustrated to stand up and take notice. Before she gets “too famous” for us, we thought we’d get to know the 23 year old die-hard Rangers and Cowboys fan a little more.

Q. How long have you been going to Rangers games?
A. About 2 years. I had never been to a major league baseball game until I moved to Texas for grad school.

Q. How did you get those seats?!
A. The seats I have are my season ticket seats. I purchase about half the season from the original owner. I am so lucky to have met them last year at a game, they are truly an amazing family and I appreciate everything they have done for me!

Q. If you played baseball, what position would you play and why?
A. I would play outfield because I have a pretty good arm, but not the best aim! That or first base because I can do the splits!

Q. Same question for football?
A. I would be QB because I can throw a tight spiral in heels…and I can catch! I crack under pressure though! I always played corner on defense in high school and college for powder puff! #5 or #55 always! :)

Q: What is The Blonde Side all about?
A: The Blonde Side column is a sports column from a female perspective. I call it “HIS sports through HER eyes”. I also write a Top 10 list called First Down which is based on various sports topics. The Blonde Side as an organization is a handful of educated, attractive, driven women who have a general interest in sports, working together to make an impact on all markets of the sports and entertainment industry. We have a calendar, do appearances, attend sporting events, do interviews, participate in philanthropic events…etc.

Q. How long have you been a Texas Rangers fan?
A. Always! Love my Rangers! My dad is a Yankees fan so the ALCS has been great for us!

Q. Who is your favorite Rangers player?
A. I’d have to say Michael Young, he’s amazing. I wear mostly Kinsler’s shirts to the games because 5 is my favorite number.

Q. Now that COED and SI have brought you to a national level what are your future plans?
A. Ideally I would like a position in the sports or entertainment industry doing sideline reporting, interviews, arena hosting, red carpet coverage, anchoring, etc. I think it would be great to have a show called The Blonde Side and do a Chelsea Lately style round table with sports topics. Maybe Jimmy Traina can get SI to hire me! :)

Q. You are also an avid Cowboys fan. What is your favorite Cowboy memory?
A. My favorite Cowboys memory is from the Thanksgiving game against the Broncos several years ago. I’m from CO so the Broncos are my second team! It was a great game and although the Broncos won…it was bitter sweet.

Q. Who’s your favorite player on the Cowboys?
A. Jason Witten #82

Q. What’s up with the Cowboys?
A. I think someone on Twitter said it best! “The people who promised the baseball gods ANYTHING for the pennant race knew the 2010 Cowboys would have to be sacrificed”! Haha … Honestly, I haven’t given up hope. We have the talent, we are making stupid mistakes, we need to play as a team and connect. I don’t think it’s one persons fault. The Cowboys need to stop pointing fingers, take responsibility, and start winning. We will be fine.

Q. You were born and raised in Colorado, what was it like there?
A. Colorado is beautiful and amazing! I’m from Durango…a tiny tourist town, so I have a small town mentality. I am constantly back in CO for snowboarding, it was the best place to grow up!

Q. What brought you or drew you to Texas?
A. Dallas is the business capital of the country, there is so much opportunity…with my bachelors degree in business, I felt Dallas was the best place to pursue my MBA.

Q. Why did you decide to pursue an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management?
A. I love the psychological aspect of business. I always wanted to have my masters by the time I was 23 and I finished a month after my 23rd birthday.

Q.When did you first get into modeling?
A. I wouldn’t really consider myself a model…I just take opportunities as they come!

Q.Tell us about your craziest/funniest story from working with 105.3 FM.
A. There are too many stories to tell! The craziest was probably starting to much drama through twitter with show host Gavin from the Gavin and Gregg show. We were having fun and joking around but we both got in trouble. I had a blast working for The FAN, the people are amazing and I still listen to all of the shows! Plus they are the official station for the Rangers and Cowboys so naturally I tune in! My boss, Matt Stacks, really helped me to get extra exposure using my stuff for marketing and that’s how I got started with The Blonde Side. Nothing but respect and admiration for 105.3!

Q.Who is the other girl in your photos?
A. The girl in the Rangers jersey with me is Paige Osborne, she is the social/philanthropic coordinator for The Blonde Side and is featured in 2 months of The Blonde Side calendar with me! (

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