146 Rarely Seen Early Beatles’ Photos To Celebrate John Lennon’s 70th Birthday [PICS]

October 9th would be John Lennon’s birthday. To celebrate we’ve compiled nearly 150 photos of John Lennon and The Beatles from their early years. Little did the guys in the picture know that they would become the most successful musical artists of the 20th Century.



    1. Poor John. He really ought to be here to celebrate his own 70th birthday instead of all of us having to celebrate him in absentia. I didn't and don't always agree with all of his or all of the Beatles' political stances, but they were a band that changed the world through the power of music, and you don't see that every day. Most of the world is changed by people with weapons, no matter what the storybooks say about the pen being mightier than the sword. The Beatles, and Lennon in particular, proved that words can be more powerful than guns. Wherever he is, I hope he still has his music.

      Donald from Fast Weight Loss

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    3. […] of Monday Night Football. We celebrated his 70th birthday in early October with a collection of rarely seen photos and we’ve been meaning to see “Nowhere Boy”, the movie that depicts the years […]

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