The 60 Most Beautiful Breasts of All-Time [PHOTOS]

Unless you’re Osama Bin Laden, you’ve probably noticed everyone’s wearing a lot more pink than usual. Even NFL teams that played this weekend donned pink gloves, chinstraps, hats, or cleats. It’s all part of an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’d like to call attention to this extremely important issue by saluting the best breasts of all-time. When you’re done drooling, GET INVOLVED AND DONATE!



    1. Kagen says:

      dude's girlfriend/baby's momma in the 2nd season of the wire, anyone who's seen it knows what i'm talkin about! #1 for sure

    2. Manicotti says:


    3. | WetBandits says:

      […] 60 Most beautiful breasts of all time. Nothing to add to that. […]

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    7. […] The 60 Most Beautiful Breasts of All-Time in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month [COED] […]

    8. Asvetic says:

      I'm with Manicotti…


    9. damian says:

      I love a great set of breasts, but this is not the appropriate way to give validation to Breast cancer or breast cancer awareness. I am sure this comment will not win any awards, but I think it is kind of sad that we demean the mean of this months true importance.

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    11. C says:

      Where's Alyssa Milano? Her breasts are bigger (and way better) than half the girls on this list. I mean really? Lindsay Lohan? I won't say she's not hot, but even in that picture her boobs look saggy & small.

      (And I also agree with Damian, while I'm not opposed to a boob list, I'm not sure I really approve of the use of breast cancer as an excuse for this list. Its seems like a bit of a cheap shot to me.)

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    13. Bob says:

      No. Just no. These women are lovely, yes, but to suggest that the top 60 girls with the best racks just happen to also be famous? That's simply not how western cultures select their celebrities.

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    15. The Dude says:

      well really, we're not rating breasts so much as cleavage witch can be faked with lighting and a good bra. for a true judge i would have to nips too. My vote would go to Salma because she's got size and milk as a bonus….oh and where the hell is Jessica Simpson who could probably own this list?!

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    17. Tyler says:

      No Brooklyn Decker or Salma Hayek? ridiculous

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