How To Spot A Douchebag [Infographic]

We recently launched our first ever Douche Off, in which we asked our readers to vote for the douchiest Douche of the Week then submit stories and pics of a douchebag they’ve encountered for some sweet swag. Not familiar with the d-bag phenomenon? Thanks to our friends from we have a guide to spotting bags of douche day and night. Once your eye’s finely trained, send us your dbag story and pics to



    1. Michael P says:

      Haters gon' hate. ;D

    2. DatdereBlake says:

      you mirin' my physique?

      U mad skinny phaggot?

    3. Jack says:

      At least these kind of douchebags are 1,000,000,000 times better than cowardly vampire-wannabe asexual hipsters.

      Orange skin > Blue skin

      Hummer > Prius

      The Situation > Pete Doherty

      Sunglasses at night > Chunky nerd glasses on people who don't need them

      Flat brimmed baseball cap > Ironic trucker hat

      Crucifix on an atheist > Scarf in the summer

      Dave Matthews Band > The Smiths

      Maxim > Pitchfork

      Girlfriend's shirt > Girlfriend's jeans

      Too much muscle tone > Not enough muscle tone

      Condoms lying around > Russian novels you haven't read lying around

      Guido > Hipster

    4. Sonny says:

      Check it out and laugh at the 'bags.

    5. TheMisc says:

      who be reppin da misc?

    6. BDJC says:

      You forgot the white sunglasses.

    7. goo says:

      good post I like it

      you have a good ideal what a nice picture thanks you!

    8. Anon says:

      Most important method: if you regularly read – look in mirror

    9. Dominick Douche says:

      myspace? it still exists? psssh, get outta here!

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    12. DJ Stat says:

      I'm disturbed by the extent to which the author of this piece seems fixated on the physical characteristics of other men. Really, who cares if someone does (or does not) want to be trim/fit/fat/skinny/pumped/loose or any other combination of characteristics.

      Really? You pay that much attention? Get some help.

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    14. Haha says:

      @jack . . . so funny

      @DJ Stat

      You sound like this may have hit a personal high note. At which point, refer to jacks posting about Girlfriends Jeans. My advice, get some circulation going in your balls again, it feels good to be a man who judges another man and isn't afraid to say what he thinks. Unless of course you are to self absorbed to notice anyone else. . . in that case, you may want to re-read this article for self help references on what not to do.

      Great Article!

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