Playboy Coed Stephanie Christine Is One Talented Tar Heel (52 PICS)

Playboy recently featured the Girls of the PAC-10 in their October issue. Last year, the gentleman’s mag highlighted the Girls of the ACC. The lone girl representing UNC was Stephanie Christine. Some might call her a triple threat. She’s got the looks, the brains, and the personality. Take a look at her resume and you’ll see why.

She recently graduated from UNC’s law school in May where she made the Dean’s list in addition to belonging to several honor societies and academic fraternities. She graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Sociology in only 3 years with 1 semester served at the University of Wales in the U.K. Smarts? Check.

The looks? Well, she’s competed in more than a dozen beauty pageants and bikini contests over the past 5 years, making the finals for the International Bikini Team and Miss Hooters. She’s appeared in Hooters and Playboy magazines, on numerous radio stations, on TV shows, in commercials, and all over the web. Just take a look at her vitals and her photo gallery below!

Age: 24
Measurements: 34D-25–32
Eyes: Hazel, Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’6″, Weight: 117 lbs.

Still not impressed? Get a taste of her personality, read our in-depth interview with her below!

© Playboy Enterprises Inc. Photography by George Georgiou, Jarmo Pohjaniemi and David Rams

COED: I believe your first exposure with Playboy was the Girls of MySpace feature in 2006. First, why did you submit and what was it like? Second, what HAPPENED to MySpace?! Do you still use it?

STEPHANIE: I sent in pictures that my best friend took for me while she was visiting me at Ohio University. After the feature went live, I would check the website everyday to see if I showed up and when I was actually there one day, I almost had a heart attack!

As for MySpace, I still have a profile on there! I don’t think I’ve logged in once in the past year. I think MySpace is a victim of Facebook’s move to open up its doors to the general public (after it was originally limited to college students).

COED: Was the Girls of the ACC shoot the first time you posed nude? Were you nervous?

STEPHANIE: Yes, the Girls of the ACC shoot was the first time I’d posed nude. I wasn’t nervous though, because I’d done a ton of swimwear modeling before that shoot, and had already been to a Playboy casting call. Also, the staff was so professional and sweet to me, I felt completely comfortable.

COED: What influenced you to pose for Playboy?

Visations Photo

STEPHANIE: My Uncle had a subscription to Playboy that was always sitting out in the magazine rack since they didn’t have any children. Naturally, I snooped around a little bit and started flipping through the magazine, and couldn’t help but noticing how beautiful the women were. I knew right away that I wanted to be as beautiful as those women some day.

COED: What’s your favorite part of being a Playboy model?

STEPHANIE: The fans I’ve gotten to know and connect with. And being a member of a very exclusive club of women who have appeared on the pages of Playboy! I am in fabulous company and am truly honored!

COED: What was your reaction when your pictures were published in the October 2009 issue?

STEPHANIE: I was absolutely thrilled! I was out of town the day that issue hit newsstands, so I spent my entire drive back to Chapel Hill the next day stopping at every gas station hoping they carried the magazine. I finally found one a few hours from home, and picked up several copies! When I realized I got a full page to myself, I was absolutely ecstatic!

COED: How did your friends and family respond?

Visations Photo

STEPHANIE: My friends and family are very supportive of everything I do. I am a very driven, out-going person so when I set my mind to something, it usually happens, and my family has come to expect that I follow through with whatever random adventure I plan to set out on.

COED: Was the Hooters uniform comfortable? What’s your craziest/funniest story from working at the world’s best breastarant?

STEPHANIE: The uniform is very comfortable! It’s all a stretchy, lycra material, and the newly released more athletic-style shorts make it even easier to work in. It really is an athletic uniform, designed for fit and movement!

The craziest thing that’s ever happened to me at Hooters involved one of the store’s regular customers asking me to do some hair modeling. I didn’t think too much of it, until I find out his idea of “hair modeling” was videotaping me washing, combing and styling my hair over the sink. Needless to say, that was a job I was happy to turn down!

COED: One of you favorite activities is “Being Irrational” – can you expound on that?


STEPHANIE: Absolutely! Being a law school graduate who recently took the California Bar exam, my life has been very structured and largely based on logical reasoning for quite some time! To balance that out, I love when I get the opportunity to act impulsively without thinking.

COED: What’s your favorite meal to cook?

STEPHANIE: I have to go with my Mom’s recipe for sweet bbq spare ribs and my great grandma’s recipe for homemade butter noodles! I made this for Christmas dinner last year, and it is absolutely amazing!

COED: One of your favorite books is “Eat, Pray, Love”. If you could pick one place to eat, one place to pray, and one place to love, which places would you pick?

STEPHANIE: I’d love to Eat in Italy! Although, this is kind of a cheat answer, because I did visit Rome when I was studying abroad, and already got to eat there a bit, but it was so delicious, I’d definitely stick with Eating in Italy, just like the book.

I think I’d like to pray in some place outdoors that was very quiet and open… like the English Garden in Munich, Germany. There is something very calming about being out in nature, so that place would be ideal for me to really concentrate my thoughts.

As for where I’d like to love, that has to be right here in my home, the place where I am the most comfortable and spend the most of my free time. I love having a space of my own and the idea of being so completely comfortable with another person that I can share that space with them is very sensual to me!


COED: You’re a fan of Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2, which should come as no surprise seeing as you’re blonde and you just took the bar exam in California. What drew you to law?

STEPHANIE: Growing up, I always hated seeing what I perceived as injustice. What I always loved about the law was its potential to be a great equalizer, the same laws govern everyone. It’s supposed to protect us all with the same vigor. Now that I’m older I realize that isn’t always the case, I have to believe the potential for that kind of legal practice is still out there!

COED: You’re a fan of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Would you ever go gay for Ellen?

STEPHANIE: I do love Ellen, but I’m a smart girl who knows when I’m beat! Have you seen Portia de Rossi lately?! I don’t stand a chance!

COED: Best moment of Playboy’s Halloween party in Boulder. Go!

STEPHANIE: I loved the guy in the shower costume so much he talked me into hopping in there with him for a picture!

COED: Any other memorable Playboy parties you’ve been to?

Stephanie Christine with Sara Jean Underwood

STEPHANIE: I recently went to the Kandy Masquerade charity ball in February. I love going to Fun in the Sun (at the Playboy Mansion) because it’s a much more intimate setting. It has all the craziness of a full-blown Playboy party but with the feel of a backyard barbecue.

COED: What are the major differences between Ohio, Ohio State, and UNC?

STEPHANIE: Ohio University and UNC are actually very similar! The campuses are gorgeous, with lots of red brick and greenery everywhere, and one main street where everyone goes to party. The thing that sets Ohio University apart from both OSU and UNC is that it’s so incredibly rural. It’s been built up a bit since I was there, but when I was at OU we were very secluded in our own little Bobcat bubble, and I loved it!

COED: What did you like most about Chapel Hill, Columbus, and Ohio U?

STEPHANIE: I loved the beauty of Chapel Hill with the all the conveniences of a big city. In Columbus, I loved the enthusiasm and energy surrounding the campus, from people who are genuinely proud to be Buckeyes. But Ohio University will always have my heart, because it’s the place where I grew up the most and where I gained some of my very best friends!

COED: Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever hooked up?


STEPHANIE: A stick shift pick-up truck… on the highway… while driving… Disclaimer: do NOT try this at home!

COED: What type of guy are you into?

STEPHANIE: Honesty is the most important thing in the world to me. He also has to be driven to better himself, no guys who are content with the status quo! A six pack doesn’t hurt either.

COED: Describe your favorite sexy outfit.

STEPHANIE: I love my lacy black and white lingerie outfit from the Playboy Kandy Masquerade ball. There is nothing sexier than lacy lingerie and sky-high heels.

COED: What’s your dream job?

STEPHANIE: Playboy Playmate!  And for the long-term, I’d love to run a non-profit family law firm.

COED: What’s a little known fact about yourself that almost no one knows?

STEPHANIE: I went through a brief phrase as a “skater” when I was in 8th grade. I wore Jnco Jeans, hung out at skate parks, had a chain wallet and was obsessed with Soap shoes and grinding!

COED: What’s your favorite drinking game?

STEPHANIE: I love Kings! Some people also call it “Circle of Death”. My favorite part of the game is the questions card (the Queen) where you have to respond to everything with a question, it’s hilarious.

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