A Sex Tape Your Girlfriend Wants You to Watch

Combining some of the hottest female porn stars in the business, humor and expert knowledge on how to get any girl off, is a new video sex guide called “How Players Do It.”

This much we know: water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, Arizona State chicks are absurdly hot, and sex guides universally suck.  So it turned our world upside down a little bit when we watched a new sex guide this past week that’s actually pretty good.  It’s called How Players Do It (HPDI), and aside from the somewhat questionable name, the video itself is kind of awesome.  HPDI was made by an unusual pairing of 20-something-year-old artists and Ivy grads along with some the hottest female porn stars in the business.  So what’s the secret to creating a good sex guide?  Two words: common sense.  The movie combines things guys actually like: on-point knowledge for how to be the man, hot naked chicks and humor.

First off, it’s a movie. Mercifully, this not only means no reading, but also learning through being shown exactly how to get chicks off rather than through written instructions that can make sex seem as much fun as hanging a shelf.  Secondly, they cast hot chicks. I mean like legitimately hot.  The female stars include Monique Alexander, a smoke show out of the Vivid stable and Kim Kane who was just named a 2010 top 10 hottest porn star by Maxim UK.  Oh, and just so there’s absolutely no confusion here, the entire DVD is fully explicit (read Kleenex-worthy).  Finally, and perhaps most surprisingly, they not only wrote a script that provides genuinely useful, non-obvious advice, but they actually made it funny.

Check out the trailer at h-spot.com

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