128 Celebrity Supergirl Photoshop Fakes

As What Would Tyler Durden Do points out, Smallville began its 10th season earlier this week so the CW sent out pics of Laura Vandervoort as Supergirl. Though Laura is super hot, we wondered what other super sexy celebrities would look like in the Supergirl outfit. It didn’t take us long to find legions of photoshopped fakes featuring your favorite femme fatales in the good old blue, red, and gold. We’ve never been more jealous of the letter, ‘S’. Up, up, and away!

(Photoshop work by Thiago Assis – check out hisdeviantart page here)



    1. Charlie says:

      You know , there's just something that say's SEX all over it when a hot babe has a big "S" between her tits. And a nice set of tit's at that.

    2. aaron says:

      90% of these are frighteningly bad. Seriously…really terrible work fellas. Though what can you expect from some hack who decides he wants to make Jessica Abla Supergirl. Apparently having the photoshop skills of a chimp is a prerequisite.

    3. jfpony says:

      So, let me see if I get this…

      Someone grabbed a lot of NUDE fakes, most of which were great, and painted all over them horribly, making them shi*ty fakes?

      Yeah, THAT makes sense!

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    6. Splanky says:

      Good call, jfpony!

      Judging from the Photoshop skills displayed with the clothes painting, the faking itself would be beyond him.

      Way to display other people’s work as your own…and then suck at it. LOL!

    7. KC says:

      these are absolutely horrible. i don't know enough photoshop to do better, but i know enough "quit while you're behind". ugh

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